Chimney Rocks / White Mt.

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Chimney Rocks / White Mt.
Created On: Mar 13, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 10, 2005


Chimney Rocks is a part of the White Mountain ridge which rises to 2,250 feet in Union County, Pennsylvania. Located near the geographic center of the state in Bald Eagle State Forest , this area is home to some of PA's highest ridges including Jacks Mountain, Bald Eagle Mountain, Paody Mountain, and Tussey Mountain. Chimney Rocks is a decently popular area for weekend hikers and also very accessible. Many of the people that hike to Chimney Rocks are spending the week/weekend at Wesley Forest Camp. Chimney Rocks and White Mountain are pretty well hidden away from any real urban areas, the closest being Lewisburg with Sunbury and Williamsport a little farther beyond.
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Chimney Rocks has a very interesting geologic history as well. Located along Penns Creek, which eventually feeds into the Susquehanna River, the geologic evidence is very present. Penns Creek has been wearing away against the shale and sandstone rock of White Mountain for thousands of years. Because of this, the north face of the mountain has developed some very severly steep contours. Along the eastern part of the ridge, where Chimney Rocks is located, the entire northern edge of the ridge drops nearly straight down into the creek. The cliffs are pretty impressive and on a clear day the views are wonderful. Another important piece of geologic evidence comes to the tune of thousands and thousands of fossils. If you like finding fossils than this place will be heaven for you. Pulpit Rock is a large, flat crag that juts out into Penns Creek below Chimney Rocks and in this area you will find plenty of wonderful places to get some of these fossils.

Chimney Rocks is a wonderful vantage point for the mountain scenery of north-central Pennsylvania and a dramatic contrast to the higher, rolling hills around. The main trail to Chimney Rocks is Class 2 at its hardest. There are a few different variations, one having a nice Class 2+ rock scramble about half way there. Other highlights of the trail include a monkey bridge, fossils, and great views. I am almost positive that there are some technical routes at Chimney Rocks, but I have never attempted any, so just check it out. There is definitely no shortage of attractions at this beautiful place.

Getting There

From Lewisburg, PA:
From US 15 head into the center of town from either the north or south. In the center of town take PA Route 45 West towards Mifflinburg. Continue for appriximately 15 miles until you see the signs for Wesley Forest Camp. Follow the signs until you cross Penns Creek and enter the camp grounds. There will be a parking lot on your right and its just past a sign that says Bald Eagle State Forest. You can access the trail here or continue up the road.

- For access to the Chimney Rocks Trail without connectors continue up the road until it makes a loop at its end near the dining hall for Wesley Forest Camp. From here you can get on the trail.

Red Tape

There are no permits required for use of the trail or Bald Eagle State Forest entry. There is plenty of parking available at the trailhead and it is also free. All state forest regulations are in effect, but if you follow the “LEAVE NO TRACE” program you will have nothing to worry about.

When To Climb

This summit is attainable at all times of the year. The views are always there, but fall would probably be the best time for this hike because of the cool conditions and foliage which usually peaks around the end of October. Summer, spring, and winter also have great views and exploration available.


There is camping available at Wesley Forest United Methodist Church Camp, but you must contact the office for reservations. This camp is open at all times of the year. For contact information click here .

Mountain Conditions

For current and up-to-date weather conditions click on the link below!

Chimney Rocks / White Mt.

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