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PROKLETIJE/Montenegro, Montenegro, Europe
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Created On: Dec 14, 2005
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Classical Route: Gusinje town - Vusanje (1060 m) village - Roman katun (1900 m, hut)(T4) 3.30h - Maja Rosit (2525 m) (T4) 2.30h

High difference: 1465 m
Lenght: 9.5 km
Duration: 6h - 6.30h

Route Description

Access: From Vusanje (1060 m) village, cross the bridge and further along the flow of the Skakavica river to the katun (shepherd's hut) of Roman, where this mountain trail begins. After crossing the bridge turn right (west) for 50 meters to the Grlja gorge, a series of gigantic wreaths and waterfalls, made by the Skakavica creek.

From there it continues underground and then emerges by waterfall to the Alipasini Izvori (springs). There it empties into the Vruja brook. From there, trek about 1.5 km and turn into the bushes, coming out at the karst foutain-head spring called Oko Skakavice (Cricket's Eye) or Savino Oko (1007 m) and Skakavica creek. The water is a transparent green, as if it were a crystal eye.

After 1km from the spring go on foot along the Ropojana Valley, then turn left (east), up the wooded slopes of Mt Bjelic (read "Bjelich"). There the marked trail begins to the ascent towards the highest peak of Bjelic. The trail is hardly visible since it is rarely used. The rocks are also loose so extreme caution is mandatory. Pass through the Roman katun, that's in a little vale. This katun is no longer settled and has no water. They used to get water from melted snow. From Vusanje to this katun is about a 3.30 h by walk.

Follow the ascent from the katun to the Cafa e Forumit Pass (2039 m). It is the border Of Montenegro with Albania, with a natural stone pyramid. On the left, towards the east the view opens onto the very steep grassy slopes of Maja Rosit (2525 m) summit. Maja Rosit is the highest section of the Mt Bjelic massif, which has a vast variety of terrain.

From Maja Rosit (2525 m) summit you can enjoy in very impressive view of Maja Jezerce (2694 m), Maja Brijaset (2567 m), beautiful Valbona Valley and the wreaths of the Albanian peaks of the Prokletije mountains.

Naturally, the whole horizon is surrounded by the other mountains of Karanfili (2460 m, 2490 m, 2441 m), Maja Kolata (2534 m, 2528 m), Visitor (2211 m), Komovi (2487 m) and others. Others parts of the Bjelic mountain massif are not climbed, due to their karst complexity, drought and unexplored areas. Maja Rosit summit is the loveliest, therefore duly represents this mountain massif which deserves to be analyzed and described in more detail. This tour is memorable, primarily because it leads to the closest visible touch of Mt Prokletije's summit as well as Maja Jezerce (Jezerski Vrh, Lakes Peak, 2694 m) that are located on Albanian territory. Naturally, this tour is part of the Montenegro - Albania border zone.

Essential Gear

In summer you need just the usual mountain gear. If you climb in winter or in early spring, you'll also need crampons and ice axe.

Miscellaneous Info

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Classical Route

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