Climbers descending Vallunaraju

It's one of the easier peaks in the Cordillera Blanca, and close to Huaraz. As a result, it's offered as a two day package by may commercial climbing organizers. You'll have to be previously acclimatized for that, but then it's not hard. The most difficult part is getting up real early on the second day, for the usual alpine start.

I was by myself and wanted to have daylight, so I could see the route. As a result, I encountered several groups of climbers coming down while I was still on my way to the summit. I was quite happy about the popularity of the peak because the previous climbers left me with a highway of a trail.

Vallunaraju has two summits, which makes it easily recognizable from downtown Huaraz. Although the south summit, to the right, appears to be the higher of the two, the north summit is the highest. It's a bit easier to climb as well. The true summit is right behind the false summit that you see here on the left. According to the Alpenvereinsmap, the elevations are 5600m and 5686m.

14 June 2011.


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