Climbing the 7 Summits

Climbing the 7 Summits

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Snows of Kilimanjaro
Snows of Kilimanjaro

Ever since a beekeeper from New Zealand and a Sherpa Reached
the top of the world people have been looking for a new and greater challenge.
While heavily commercialized Climbing the 7 Summits is still a major Feat for
all but the most revered mountaineers. 
For those that attempt this challenge it will take them to the highest
point on each continent. Each peak has a unique and interesting challenge that
makes this journey one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. Having reached
the summit of one of these peaks I am very tempted to continue the journey and
attempt more of them.  This article will
serve as the beginning of an article series where I highlight 2 of the mountain
per article. This first article will feature Kilimanjaro and Mt.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

While this is the easiest of the summits on this challenge
it is one of the most rewarding. Despite the non-technical nature of this
mountain it has an amazing about it. I reached summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the
beginning of 2010. This mountain rises 19,340 feet into the sky in the lush
environment of eastern Africa. This is such a special place because this climb traverses through several incredibly unique climate zones z However the famed equatorial glaciers are disappearing
fast and will not be around much longer. So climb it before it is al gone.

On the Summit of Kilimanjaro! 2010
On the Summit of Kilimanjaro! 2010
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This mountain is so large that it has its one name was not
enough. Mt. McKinley also known as Denali is 20,320 feet height. Due to its
extreme altitude and close proximity to the Arctic Circle conditions are some
of the worst on earth. With temperatures regularly dipping into the negative 40
degrees this climb is not for anyone other than very experienced mountaineers.
There is an element of savagery about mountain that strangely attracts our
adventurous spirit.  A couple of years
ago I began training for this climb by climbing Mt. Washington in the winter.
Located in Denali National Park, Alaska this peak is a giant. Its size boggles
the mind shedding light on the term “Alaska Factor.” This refers to
incomprehensible scale of terrain in this northern state. For those looking to
challenge their resolve and endurance this is the peak for you.

Summit Ridge of Denali
Summit Ridge of Denali

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