Clod Tower, 5.10c

4th Pitch- 200’- 5.9+/Joanne and I (on separate occasions, two separate parties) went left, but what would be preferred if climbing the route again, would be to traverse right from the belay ledge into the main corner. This traverse did not become apparent to me until I was half way up this pitch looking down. This left option offers by far the worse rock of the day: moss covered patina up a thin crack that widens to a hand jam at a small roof. Trust in holds and gear were at a minimum at the crux of this pitch. After the first 20 meters, the climbing eases way off until you hit a tree filled gully. Climb the run out face to the right of these trees to avoid them and belay in the gully proper off of a medium crack beyond the trees.
Clod Tower, 5.10c, 5 Pitches, Cloud Tower, Juniper Canyon, Red Rock NCA, NV, March, 2013


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