Cloud Inversions

Cloud Inversions

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Cloud Inversions:-

Cloud Inversions are a fantistic mountain climbing experience.

You have to be there to know what there like.
They make you feel isolated on an island of rock above a sea of cloud.

Mainly coursed when the tempraures at ground level are alot colder than them above at certain altitudes.
Normally it is where the change in temprature is, that determines the altitude at which the inversion takes place.
The warmer temprature above keeps the cloud, fog or mist in place.

If you have any pictures of these stunning weather patterns then please ADD ADD ADD Them to this Album and share them with pride.

By the way they dont have to be complete cloud inversions.
I have experienced some that are just burning away and have left very odd cloud formations like when i was climbing Stob Odhar on Kintyre in Scotland


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