Colca Canyon: Cabaconde-Llauar-Sangalle

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Colca Canyon:   Cabaconde-Llauar-Sangalle
Created On: Dec 14, 2007
Last Edited On: Feb 14, 2008

Colca Canyon: Cabaconde-Llauar-Sangalle

This is Stage One of our Peru trekking and climbing trip. Colca Canyon is known as on of the deepest canyons in the world. This section isn't quite as deep as the section we say on Stage 2, but still deep. This trip was also done with my five year old son Kessler.

Stage Two can be seen here:

Colca to Andagua Trek

Stage Three can be seen here:

Cerro Yanamauras

Stage Four can be seen here:

Eruption of Volcán Ubinas

See the trip report for more details.

Scedule (for Reference)

Day 1:

Cabanaconde to the village of Llahuar (2120 meters).

Day 2:

Llauar to the village of Sangalle (2225 meters).

Day 3:

Sangalle to Cabanaconde.



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