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SKI - Jan 5, 2011 8:35 am

AMAZING  Sucess!

Waterfalls abound, huge roadcut cliffs, crazy ass windsurfers! A beautiful location. Hate the shaky .50ยข tollbridges though!


Baarb - Aug 10, 2009 6:32 am Date Climbed: Jun 20, 2006

Will be back

Took in Multnomah Falls before heading back into Washington to climb St. Helens, really really beautiful. Have seen precious little of Oregon but if this is anything to go by I'll be spending a lot of time out there in the not too distant future.


Hotoven - Jul 17, 2009 9:18 pm Date Climbed: Jul 17, 2009

Been here 3 or more times  Sucess!

Have been here a few times, but most recent 7/17/09. Hiked around many different areas, very fun!

Ted Eliason

Ted Eliason - May 28, 2009 6:17 pm

50 Mile Trek  Sucess!

25 miles of it in the rain

skunk ape

skunk ape - May 12, 2009 4:02 pm

Nice views  Sucess!

Nice views and better hiking once off the mule trails


Lunadog - Mar 3, 2009 2:21 am

My backyard  Sucess!

My first hike was with my Dad up Devils Rest on 2/22. I didn't even pant once. I may be four months old but I was born for this. Did Dog Mountain the next week. No problem. This stuff is cake, I mean dog biscuits. It's fun to crap on the trail and make my Dad pick it up and carry it back to the trailhead. I get a kick out of that.

PS-it's been a few months and now my Dad is wise to my tricks. He makes me wear a backpack now and carry my own crap in it back to the trailhead. Maybe I need to just hold it and crap in the car from now on.................

PPS I've done Wind, Hamilton and Dog again now.

PPPS Have added Rudolf Spur, Wygant Peak/Mitchell Point and another Dog Mountain summit. I'm kickin'!

4/18/10 Devils Rest again
2/27/11 Angels Rest and past about halfway to Devils Rest. I love eating snow!


Levi - Aug 3, 2008 6:44 pm

An Amazing Place

I have done a few of the trails and mountains. Not near as many as some of the people here but its a great place. Started in 2005 and have been there quite a few times since then

OJ Loenneker

OJ Loenneker - Jan 28, 2008 4:57 am

My Favorite Trainer  Sucess!

Ahhh... the Gorge..

My fitness trainer for when I don't want to drive all the way to Hood or St. Helens.

I think I have walked, hiked and scrambled nearly every path, and some that are not there so many times I loose track. (Even some you are not supposed to..) Great History and some creepy stuff sometimes too.


charlatan - Apr 9, 2007 7:08 pm Date Climbed: Oct 31, 2005

all in 2004 and 2005  Sucess!

Over those two years I had a great time in the Gorge, making it up Angel's Rest, Larch Mountain, Devil's Rest, Mount Defiance, Beacon Rock, Hamilton Mountain (twice), Dog Mountain (twice) and Augspurger Mountain. I saw a bear on one of my Dog Mountain trips and on Augspurger (in fact I didn't quite reach the summit since the bear charged off in its direction, and it seemed rather imprudent to follow).

If you are in Portland this is must visit territory.


JohnMcPike - Dec 19, 2006 8:31 pm Date Climbed: Apr 1, 2001

Multnomah Overlook  Sucess!

We only hiked up to the Multnomah Overlook and also a little bit over by Wahkeena Falls. Columbia River Valley is a special must see place


tarol - Oct 20, 2006 4:49 pm Date Climbed: Nov 25, 1995

Multnomah Falls Several Times and others  Sucess!

I've hiked many of the trails in the Gorge. Did some studies on fish above Multnomah Falls with my evolution class in college. Also hiked around the Tom McCall Preserve with my botany class. It certainly is a beautiful place to explore!


arcjay - Jul 29, 2006 2:25 am Date Climbed: Jul 26, 2006

Mt. Defiance  Sucess!

On Wednesday, a friend and I conquered Mt. Defiance. The day was beautiful, and the views were awesome. At one section toward the top of the Mt. Defiance Trail, we walked out onto a rock escarpment and had some amazing views of Wind Mt, St. Helens, Adams, and Ranier. Once on top, Mt. Hood was gorgeous. We took Defiance Trail up, and Mitchell Pt-Starvation Ridge Trail down. All trails are in good shape. There is some maintenance on Starvation Ridge which is going to be nice when its finished. Both trails are STEEP, so be prepared. Take lots of water because it is a SWEAT! Note: When you follow Mitchell Point down from the summit, the trail forks near Warren Lake. Take the right fork down to the lake/campground and continue east. The unmarked fork (left) takes you to a most impressive arrangement of gargantuan boulders on top of a rise with great views of Mt. Adams. The Mitchell Pt. trail eventually runs into Starvation Ridge trail which will take you back down to sea-level. I hope this helps those who are willing to try. Lace up those boots tight and enjoy the experience.


arcjay - Jul 24, 2006 9:23 pm

Long live the Gorge  Sucess!

All of these hikes I have done in 2006. To begin with the easier hikes, I have done Multnomah Falls, Angels'Rest, and Beacon Rock. Other hikes include Wakeena Falls-Devil's Rest-Multnomah Falls loop, Hamilton Mt., Rock of Ages Ridge-Horsetail Falls loop, Ruckel Ridge loop, Munra Point, Wauna Viewpoint, Wind Mt. and Nesmith Point. I have also done some smaller waterfall, creek hikes as well. Hopefully this week I can conquer Mt. Defiance. This a great site, Brian. Thanks for all the great information. The Columbia Gorge is a magnificent place. Long Live the Gorge!!! I have also summitted many other peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains just outside of Los Angeles, but we will save that for another place. Happy trails to all! arcjay


awilsondc - Jun 14, 2006 5:55 pm

Route Climbed: Most of them so far in '06  Sucess!

Not many places can you find this many good, challenging hikes and climbs within 30-60 minutes from home... gotta love the Gorge! This page has pretty much become a checklist for me this year. I've done about 2/3 of them so far, and some 2 or 3 times. I just need to do the long ones (tanner, table, defiance), but should finish off the list by August, exept the class 5 ones.


LCannon - Feb 23, 2006 6:35 am

Quite a Few Over the Years  Sucess!

I've climbed quite a few over the years starting about 20 years ago, 1985-the present. Angel's Rest (once from Wahkeenah Falls trail), Devils Rest (Once), Multnomah Falls (Over 10 times), Larch Mountain (Once), Triple Falls (4 times), Nesmith Point (Once), Munra Point (Once), Indian Point (Once), Mount Defiance (Twice), Wygant Trail (Once), Tom McCall Point (Once), Beacon Rock (10+ times), Hamilton Mountain (5 times), Table Mountain (Once...the only unsuccessful attempt), Dog Mountain (3 times), Benson Plateau (One overnight camping trip), Nick Eaton Ridge (Once). I don't know if all this qualifies me to post here or not, but I've certainly enjoyed all these climb/hikes and have also hiked on almost all the waterfall and creek trails in the Columbia River Gorge too. I love the photos here Brian!


SusanM - Jul 27, 2005 9:29 pm

Date Climbed: August 2004  Sucess!

This place is awesome, particularly to a desert rat like me! Gotta love the water!


cmc56789 - Jun 13, 2005 2:04 am

Route Climbed: about 2/3 of them Date Climbed: Since December 2002  Sucess!

Can't beat the convenience!


rpc - Apr 25, 2005 5:05 pm

Route Climbed: many Date Climbed: many  Sucess!

Dog (too many times including yesterday), Hamilton, Table, Beacon, Rooster, Defiance (incl. one time we did a back to back two ascents of this from the hwy...what the hell were we thinking?), Wind...all of these at least twice but most more (why? 'cause it's close to home). Angel's/Devil's Rests, Ruckel Ridge (nice)...probably others.

Great place and a great page!

Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins - Apr 24, 2005 1:47 am

Route Climbed: Most of them Date Climbed: Spring 2001 - probably tomorrow

The Gorge is such a gem to stay in shape and see great stuff. Only wish it was twice as long so there was more of it. I love the hike up to Devils Rest from either Angels Rest or the Falls. The Multnomah Falls loops are always great especially iced up in winter when no one else is around. Dog Mountain is a usual trainer I do several times a year. Defiance is one of the ultimate trainers. Nesmith a few times, same with Ruckel and Rock of Ages. Wind Mountain is very nice and unique. So is Munra. All the stuff around Beacon, the three peaks that fell into the river are great.

Rooster Rock 4/11/04

Angels Rest Spring 2001, 12/16/05, 1/5/08, 11/8/15, 6/8/16, 11/19/16, 2/25/17, Summer 2017.

Devils Rest 1/4/04 including Multnomah Falls, 1/11/04, 10/17/04, 1/7/06, 11/19/06, 4/15/07 including Multnomah Falls, 1/09, 2/22/09 Luna's first hike, couple more since then too. 4/18/10 with Luna again, 8/7/11 with Luna. early 2012 with Luna also. Spring 2015 with Luna. 11/8/15 with Jim and Luna after Angels Rest. 6/11/16 with Luna for a sunset hike. 2/25/17 after Angels Rest with Luna in morning. 6/10/17.

Elevator Shaft/Cougar Rocks 4/12/08, 2/22/15 with Sue, Summer 2015, spring 2016.

Larch Mountain 3/27/05, 4/3/05, 12/3/05, April 2015 with Luna (short route), spring 2016.

Oneonta Gorge/Triple Falls 1/03

Rock of Ages Ridge 12/14/03, Spring 2004 or 2005, 3/23/08, Summer 2011 over to Nesmith Point and down that way. 2013 with Denyers over to Triple Falls.

Nesmith Point 4/21/02, 5/2004, 5/2005, 5/6/07, several times up to the plateau, once out to the Mystery Cabin, Summer 2011 via RoA Ridge. March 2014 meeting up with Karl and Sue. 4/16/17 with Diane.

Munra Point 1/30/05, 1/29/06, 1/5/08, 3/22/08, Spring 2011, Jan 2016 with BJ, 4/15/17. Around 5/21/17 then on to Wauneka Point and back via Nesmith.

Tanner Butte 1/23/05

Ruckel Ridge 8/21/04, 1/22/06, 2/4/07, 4/22/07, 2009 with Ian, 5/21/11, 4/1/12 with Karl, 4/13/14 with Sue, 4/9/17 (sun, rain, snow, sun, rain snow, sun, rain).

Rudolf Spur 3/29/08 with Karl, again in 2009 with Luna and Jim. 3/18/12 with Luna. 3/8/15 solo.

Herman Creek to PCT to Benson Plateau - 3/26/17 but hit snow and only went to about 3200 feet. 6/17/17 up to 4000 feet. Good views of Tomlike and Hood from a rockfield just off the trail.

Indian Point 3/23/03, 3/11/12 with Luna in freakish wind and snowstorm which deposited a couple of inches of snow in about 10 minutes and on to Nick Eaton Ridge. Again with Luna 4/7/14 to Nick Eaton Ridge. 2/15/15 with Luna. April 2015 with Luna and Sue up Casey Creek Route, then down the Deadwood Trail back to Indian Point and back. 5/09/15 with Sue and Luna up middle trail to ridge, down Casey Creek. 11/15/15 with Luna to Nick Eaton Ridge. Several times April-May 2016. 5/15/16 with Luna up Eaton Ridge/Middle trail to highpoint, back down Casey Creek. 11/18/16 with Luna up NE Ridge and down Gorton. some other times after in 2016. 2/18/17 with Luna up and down Gorton to Indian Point. Spring 2017 a couple more times up Eaton to the "clearing" and back down via Indian Point.

North Lake - Multiple times with Jim, Sue and/or Luna 2014-2015. Most recently 5/22/16 with Luna.

Wauna Point - Around 5/14/17.

Shellrock Mountain 1/21/08

Mount Defiance 7/14/01, 5/12/02, Winter 2005, 12/10/06, Jan 2010 with Ian. 2012 too I think. 2015 also as a trainer.

Beacon Rock 9/16/01, one other time in 2002?, 10/26/03

Hamilton Mountain 9/16/01, 4/5/03, twice in 2009. spring 2011 in snow. Several more that I forgot to write down after 2011. 6/4/17 with Diane, then on to Lower Hardy Trail until we ran out of trail north.

Hardy Ridge with Sue, Jim and Luna 2/8/15. With Diane 4/23/17 on a hot chocolate day. 8/6/17 most of the way, too overgrown this time of year though.

Table Mountain 4/27/02, 11/20/04, sometime in 2005 or 2006, 4/25/10 with Luna and Ian. March/April 2015 solo up the old overgrown route and down the normal one.

Birkenfeld Mountain Feb, 2012 with Karl

Greenleaf Peak 11/6/04

Wind Mountain 2/2/03, 2/1/04, 3/26/06, 1/21/2008, laps with Luna in 2009. 2013 with my brother and Luna.

Dog Mountain 4/7/02, 11/20/03, 1/18/04, 2/1/04, 4/11/04, 5/22/04, 12/4/04, 2/13/05, 5/1/05, 1/15/06, 3/26/06, 6/3/06, 12/17/06, 9/9/07, 1/26/08, 3/1/09, 5/31/09, 3/14/10, 7/25/10, 12/13/10, 4/3/11, early 2012 with Luna, 1/1/13, 8/8/13, 12/14/14. Early 2016. 11/25/16 with Luna up New, down Augs. 2/11/17 solo Augs to new Old Loggers Trail cutoff to Old/Direct and back same way. Snow climb in 3-4 feet drifts.

Wygant Peak/Mitchell Point with Luna 3/7/10.

Don Nelsen

Don Nelsen - Apr 23, 2005 7:30 pm

Route Climbed: Everything! Date Climbed: Starting in about 1952  Sucess!

Cool! Brian's still putting the page up and I get to sign the summit log first!

I love the Gorge - close to home but with places wild and as primitive as can be. So many trails one never tires of the variety.

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