Cornell Peak Climber's Log

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IronHiker - Aug 27, 2019 5:52 am Date Climbed: Jul 3, 2019

Airy  Sucess!

Took Sid Davis trail to Tamarack Camp, then up a drainage. Got slightly off route below the chockstone. Above the chockstone was a class 4 move to straddle the block for last 6'. Could not figure out a safe way to make the move so stretched my arm to get my hand above the summit. Did Harvard on the way back.

Brian Kalet

Brian Kalet - Jan 15, 2018 4:37 pm Date Climbed: May 27, 2016

5 Peaks  Sucess!

With San Jacinto Peak, Jean Peak, Miller Peak & 9400.


orbitor - Jul 3, 2014 7:08 pm Date Climbed: Oct 12, 2013

From Tram  Sucess!

Took the Sid Davis XC both up and down. Swung too far to the north and end up postholing through fresh snow on the ridgeline.


WRGruener - May 19, 2014 1:23 pm Date Climbed: Jun 15, 1976

Long Time Ago

I think Falstaff came out with their Bi Centennial Beer


jimegan - May 13, 2014 11:15 am Date Climbed: May 12, 2014

Cornell Pk  Sucess!

Climbed from Marquis Villas in downtown Palm Springs. Exciting summit block plus couple of sub peaks(Yale and Harvard)along the ridgeline heading west.


telemarkdude - Oct 6, 2012 2:07 am Date Climbed: May 6, 1984

Nice Scramble  Sucess!

Very quick and easy scramble from our camp at Tamarack Valley.


cdewhurst - May 29, 2012 12:12 pm Date Climbed: Jun 4, 2011

Cornell  Sucess!

Little tough finding the correct route but fun climbing when got there. Scary to stand on peak when the wind gusts.


klotito - Oct 3, 2011 12:10 am Date Climbed: Oct 2, 2011

7  Sucess!

Fun scrambling up to the summit block. My first experience with 4th class rock and it wasn't too bad. With Miller, San J, Folly, Drury, Jean, and Marion.


cab - Jun 6, 2011 10:29 am Date Climbed: Jun 4, 2011

7 Peak Loop  Sucess!

Loop from the tram including Cornell, Miller, SJ, Folly, Drury, Jean, & Marion. Fun summit block!


gimpilator - Feb 27, 2011 11:28 pm Date Climbed: Feb 27, 2011

6 Peaks By Snowshoe  Sucess!

Bryan and I climbed 6 peaks even though there was a foot of fresh powder. Cornell was the first followed by Miller, San Jacinto, Folly, Newton Drury, and Jean. The summit rocks were icy. I scrambled up as high as I could safely. I stood up and my head was two feet lower than the highest rock. I'm still counting it.

Video by Bryan:


GigaMike - Feb 4, 2011 2:47 pm Date Climbed: Jun 28, 2008

via Marion Trail  Sucess!

Fun short climb!


harryquach - Dec 29, 2009 11:22 am Date Climbed: Jul 26, 2006

Fun Hike  Sucess!

Fun hike to the top, some good scrambling on the summit


wyopeakMike - Dec 5, 2009 5:26 pm

together with San Jack  Sucess!

I took the tram in the late eighties, it was a lot cheaper then, but it did not rotate. I hiked and scrambled up Cornell, what a cool peak, then hiked up to San Jack and returned to the tram. A fun day for some awesome peaks with the help of the tram.

Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup - Nov 30, 2009 9:42 pm Date Climbed: Jun 23, 2007

Fun Scramble  Sucess!

Friends walked to the saddle to the NW of the peak, I hit the top.


climberslacker - Nov 7, 2009 8:43 pm Date Climbed: Jun 4, 2009

Good climb  Sucess!

Climbed it coming from Yale peak, and then Harvard. A fun climb, and great views from the summit! The next time I went up there, the ranger told us that you "should have ropes for that". Hmmm. I survived!

Great hike!


Blair - Nov 19, 2009 11:04 am

'Should have had ropes for that'

Hmmm, interesting. I dont know anyone who used roped techniques for that thing. Rangers...they mean well guys...they really do ;)

Alex Wood

Alex Wood - Nov 20, 2009 2:16 am

Re: 'Should have had ropes for that'

On saw on the Mt. San Jacinto Message Board that someone set up something by throwing some webbing around the little horn and then easing out. Still wouldn't have done much but at least the fall would be less.


Greatshaitan - Aug 26, 2009 10:27 am Date Climbed: Aug 22, 2009

Fun Class 4 to the Top!  Sucess!

Fun climb/scrabble up the side of the peak. The last 20ft or so was a little nerve racking but all hold felt good and strong and easily supported my 280lb frame. The East side of the peak had 20ft visibility and the west side had 20 miles. Very cool cloud barrier.


Ze - Aug 4, 2009 9:56 am Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2009

7 peak loop  Sucess!

that was fun! climbed up from west side

Steve Larson

Steve Larson - May 24, 2009 11:05 pm Date Climbed: May 22, 2009

Ya, west side is exposed...  Sucess!

Took a run up this after getting to camp in Tamarack with the family and friends. Scrambled up with Melody Wong (look in your old Stoney Point guidebook). It took a couple of tries before I found the way up the slightly overhung west side of the summit block. It's only about 5.6, but geez, what a landing! Much easier down the south ridge.

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