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Bergamo/Sondrio, Italy, Europe
Val Brembana/Valtellina
8599 ft / 2621 m
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Corno Stella
Created On: Dec 13, 2012
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Stormy summit






If someone thinks about what are the most famous mountains in the province of Bergamo, after Presolana, Pizzo di Coca and Pizzo dei 3 Signori, surely it is mentioned the "Corno Stella".
It lies at the head of the Val Brembana along the Orobie Alps chain that starts from Monte Legnone and arrives to Pizzo Coca.

Its north side overlooking the Valtellina and the Valbrembana on its south side. The structure is more or less like a pyramid of three sides. The two sides overlooking the northern valleys "Livrio" and "Cervia", are very wild and isolated. On its south side, gentle grassy, hosts the ski resorts of "Carona" and "Foppolo."

The mountain offers mountaineering interest only a for a rocky ridge that start from the "passo di Publino" and leads to the summit. The rest is composed of grassy flanks. Its easy access makes it a peak very popular for hikers, but especially for ski mountaineers.
It's only 2600 meters high, but compared to the rest of this area of mountains, it's not little.

From the top you can admire the Valtellina, and behind the "Valmasino Alps" and the "Bernina Group". Towards south in the clear winter days is possible to see beyond the mists over Milan and the Apennines.
At the foot of the mountain, not far from the upstation upstation, there is a small round lake called "Lago Moro". When frozen you can get over by ski safely.

The west ridge
Corno Stella and the west ridge

Getting There

The mountain is placed on the border between the Val Brembana and the Valtellina.

From Valtellina:
From Milano take the SS36 Monza/Lecco/Colico - at the village of Colico take the SS38 della valtellina - Albosaggia/Valle del Livrio or - Cedrasco/Caiolo/Val Cervia

From Val Brembana:
From Milano take the motorway A4 to Venezia direction - take the gate "Dalmine" and get into the SS470 della Val Brembana - Villa d'Almè/S.Pellegrino/Branzi/Foppolo or branzi/Carona

The  Val Cervia
The Val Cervia

Routes overview

West ridge:
From "Montebello" (Foppolo) - Lago Moro - west ridge - EE/I°

Southeast ridge:
From "Bocchetta del Chierico" - "la Spalla" - SE ridge - I°/II°

Ski route:
From Foppolo, follow the pists untill "Montebello" - Lago Moro - West ridge - BSA

The  Lago Moro
The "Lago Moro"

Video of the ski route

Corno Stella

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