Courthouse Bald Additions and Corrections

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Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon - May 12, 2011 10:44 am - Hasn't voted

Appalachian Trail Mountain

Hi there,

May I suggest that you attach this mountain/rock page as a child to the Appalachian Trail Mountains page?

This would provide some context to your page and make it easier to find.



Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon - May 17, 2011 1:37 pm - Hasn't voted

Quick clarification on blue blazes


It may be helpful to others to mention blue blazed trails indicate not just overlooks but also footpaths to water sources.

"Regardless of which way you proceed to Courthouse Bald, north or south, White Blazes periodically mark the AT to keep you on track. If you pass a blue blaze, it indicates that there is a side trail with an overlook at the end of it."

Thanks for building and maintaining this page!


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