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Aug 24, 2006
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Created On: Mar 29, 2011
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Hey everyone.. This here is my story about what happened to my cousin Joey and myself on a weekend climbing trip.. Lol Hope you all enjoy. ;-)

It all began on Friday August 24th, My cousin Joe and I started our trip to Hocking Hills State Park at about 5pm we arrived around 7 pm and checked in and headed up to our camp site.. Come to find out we had to park our car and carry everything we had about 1 mile into the woods to a camp site surrounded by animals and tree's. Don't get me wrong though there were other camp sites along the way and a lil bit down further, but it was definitely camping.. After we brought everything to camp, it started to get kind of dark and Joe insisted on only bringing his **SUPPOSIDE** 18 hour high power flash light instead of a lantern.. Lol Well once it got dark we found out the flash light only works for MAYBE 10 minutes and then die's. We actually managed to get the tent up in the dark and then started to look for fire wood in the dark in the middle of the woods.. I couldn't even tell ya how many spider webs we ran into.. After an hour or so of trying to light our fire we finally got it lite.. We had a lot of fun that night.. I was even jumping over the fire while Joe was taking pix of it.. After that we then started to make our dinner which was one hamburger each which turned out pretty good.. Afterwords we got pretty tired so we decided to get some sleep and wake up nice and early.. While laying there I felt something crawling on my face.. Joe thought I was imagining things so it took me a while to lay back down.. All of a sudden Joe jumps up like what the fuck.. Turns out I wasn't imagining things after all.. A few spiders and bugs made it's way into the tent from the hole the tent had which we didn't know about.. Finally we decided screw it.. there just bugs so we go to sleep which took forever cause of the hard ground and the heat, but we did manage.. We woke up the next morning nice and early and attempted to make eggs. I made a pot full of eggs and poured it onto the fryer which wasn't leveled so the eggs went right over the side of the burner which we thought was kind of funny.. Lol We said screw it and just had Orange Juice.. Which was very satisfying.. After breakfast we made our way into a trail which took us to Rose Lake, which isn't a bad place but take a lil while to get to. We hung out for a few minutes but got kinda bored just looking at the water.. So we made our way deeper into the trail which took us to a bridge with a dam.. well a dried up dam to be exact.. so we kept moving.. we decided to turn left.. As we did we were walking and I noticed the drop off on the side which goes down about 100". Once we seen that we knew we had to climb down there but everywhere we looked there was just a straight drop. We finally managed a very rough and steep route down. And oh by the way this area we found wasn't known to tourist, It's not even on the maps.. So after a very scary climb down this 100" gorge we made our way to this HUGE! ! ! ! Cave looking area with a dried up water fall.. it was absolutely amazing and awesome looking.. We were climbing everything down there at one point my cousin Joe climbed up a big wooden tree leaning against the wall and surprisingly he didn't fall. Lol After that we wanted to try and climb up on the opposite wall. Well let me tell you.. It definitely was a challenge, We climbed up on ledges with falls straight down about 50" and some spots. At one point we had to climb through this TINY little crack on the ledge which right on the other side of dropped 90" I have a 7yt6hphoto posted of me climbing through it.. So, we finally made it through and come to our surprise we cam to a dead end with a ledge 6" down which we had to jump to. But the scary part was, the ledge we jumped to was only 2" wide and dropped 90" down. thankfully we made it. Lol Though I did almost slip.. After we made it to the ledge.. We had to then climb up a few rocks which took us to a cliff. We were sitting there when Joe spotted a small cave about 3 feet by 4 feet on the side of the wall.. He goes to me and tells me to look in there since I was the closest. I go ahead and right when I go to put my head in there to see. All I hear is **Groooooowllllll** This evil growl sound.. i fucking jump and started running and then stopped.. My cousin Joe thought I was only joking so he goes over by the cave and I'm yelling at him not to look in there.. But turns out there is nothing the cave and we think the growl was above us on top of the main ground above us. So because of that we made our way up and tried to find the bear. But we were unsuccessful. After this incident I went to go see what time it was to realize my cell phone was missing.. a $300 Razer... I was pissed. so then we had to walk all the way around to where we climbed down.. Turns out I dropped it right when I took my gloves out of my pocket. and we were really surprised we found it.. So, afterwords we started back on our hike and checked out alot of other caves and gorges and cliff drop offs. It was absolutely awesome.. At one point we made our way to this decent drop off at about 40" which was over by a tourist section and because we were too lazy to walk all the way around we decided to climb down.. and my luck.. as I went to climb down I got stuck about 7" up and people were coming so instead of looking like a dork, I jumped and when I landed my left leg hit a rock and my toe got slammed and it was killing me, but because of the man I am I took the pain pretty good.. After a few hours we headed back to camp. which took a long while.. Lol We had some lunch and decided to go back to the cliff which we climbed and decided to test our luck again.. But only this time we decided to climb this extremely slippery steep cliff to take us on the ledge of the waterfall it was great.. but only the waterfall was dried out.. Lol we only hung out there for a few minutes because it started to thunder a bit. we managed to make it to camp and put our water proof top onto the tent.. and started our fire.. all of a sudden after we get the fire lite it started to down pour. and at this point we were extremely tired so we went into the tent and went to sleep until a loud huge bang occurred and woke us up. it was thundering non-stop and lightning.. and come to find the tent isn't water proof not even the water proof layer is water proof.. but we did find out the sleeping bags were Lol It was definitely fun.. after it stopped raining about 8-9pm *Phone died so I didn't know the time* we got some branches and stuff which were very wet.. But as skilled as we are we managed to get them lite and started a nice big fire.. Finally we decided to head to bed and again had a few bugs but we really didn't care.. The next morning we pack everything up and as I reached for my wallet I found out it was gone.. haha my luck.. but after 1 hour of looking turns out it was in a big box we had with us.. and that was our great adventure.. ;-)


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