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normal way:

From Passo Tre Croci you go in northern direction on the way no. 221. First across meadows and then to Col da Varda, 2328 m, on the south foot of Cristallo. Straight on to the beginning of Grava Cerigeres. In the rubble channel up to the snow field down the Cristallopass. Over the snow field (icepick!) on the left you cross a rockfall to the Forcella del Cristallo, 2808 m (3h). The entrance is in short distance from the Pass. You take the snow channel to go up. You see tracks and follow stonemen. You come to the about 3 meters high "Böse Platte". It's the keyplace. In short distance on the right over a wooden bridge and then to the summit.

Magnificent round route for two days in the heart dolomites. Ascent to the hut over climbing-rise Renato de Pol, climb to the central summit of the Cristallo over the Ferrata Marino Bianchi, very long descent on sections of the Sentiero Ferrato Ivano Dibona with taking along of the Cristallino d`Ampezzo 3008m. The climbing "ferrata" Renato de Pol and Marino Bianchi are moderately severe, where by the iron way to the Mte.Cristallo is somewhat more difficult and more suspended than the Renato de Pol. The Dibona elevator way is rather moderately with difficulty required in addition, safe going in the unsecured steep area. Fantastic views to the most beautiful summits of the region.

The best time is from may to the end of september.
Ascent to the hut: From the parking lot we descend the meadow briefly and first always orient ourselves at the signs Ferr. Renato de Pol. We meet directly a forstweg, which to the left we follow well 10 min..
Then a reference leads us to the right rather steeply into the spruce forest up into the area "Pian del Forame". I look for piane places in vain, moreover the path leads a branch to we on ca.1800m height after one hr. going time reaches steeply upward and the sign also here to the Ferrata follows. Soon it goes at powerful war plants where an arrow directly into a lug points past. When following this direction are we however soon and must back. Result: This provokanten arrow not in the lugs follow separate at the contactor ditches along continue to march. Briefly after the command conditions "Commando Austriaco" come first cords and a ladder overcome a short steep stage, but whereupon est again laborious going area to it follows finally to iron-hurries only uphill by the rock goes and we below the Punta Ovest del Forame finally stepping out. In few minutes we reach this intermediate summit (2385m), which for many mountain climbers the turning point the route already are, for us however only one intermediate victory (ca.2,5 hr. on the way) in the north see now we the broad porch of the Cristallino (not Cristallo) meant over which we at the hut will later arrive. But now we rise several times down and again up over the Forcella Gialla 2380 m and Forcella Verde, also 2380m. attention, after the Gialla not too deeply descend soon again left upward. Now we move inside into the urige moon landscape "Gravon del Forame". We follow consistently the red markings up to the snow-covered Kar below the Cristallino and admire the mad suspension bridge above on the comb over which we soon hangeln to become to be allowed, but before must we on the right of the Kares over Schrofen and rubble up to the Forcella Grande 2871m, endangered by falling rocks, laboriously up-work itself, then we follow left a climbing climbing section of the Dibona Ferrata us after the mentioned comb lead upward, past at the branch to the Monte Cristallino, which we ignore today however simply, because the thirst drives us far direction hut, we can see which being soon thereafter pictorial under us. A little Magenkribbeln still with the exceeding of the varying suspension bridge and flux down to the Rifugio to which one also singleproves with the aerial ropeway to arrive could, its cars like multicolored Ostereier in the carrying rope hang, but the footpath up lends more satisfaction here on our route surely substantially. We quartiern us with the very friendly hut landlords with its three Bua'm (boys) and are pleased about the peace, which prevails after the stop of the course, because only few guests remained this evening. Fantastisch turns out the evening with admiration of the Panaromas. In closer environment make particularly the three zinnen, Monte Pelmo and Civetta on itself attentively, directly opposite pull the column of the Piz Popena 3152m with its small glacier below views of itself. The hut falsely to a 3000-er height rises really offers to remote view of the finest one.

Ascent to the summit: Before the first tourists with the multicolored egg cars are pulled to make we to us upward on the iron way "Marino Bianchi" the Mt. Cristallo, which begins directly to the huts patio. The steel cable leads to the burr up. In two places the safety devices tore and bring us to consciousness that one can have on climb-own quite trickier situations than the evaluation of the way shows. A ealthy distrust in relation to security on the Ferratas is quite appropriate, because fast through lightning blitz-oder falling rocks the safeguard chain are interrupted. Also under tape covered places the rope rusts often quietly before itself.
Fortunately here the interruptions are not larger obstacle and after we descended southlaterally the Cristallowall into a small crack rise we to iron leaders suspended to broader volumes lead. Finally the rise follows by a steep tear (perhaps the most difficult place) to the summit burr and soon stands we at a small memory cross of the Cristallo of central summit. The prospect is still somewhat more grandioser than from the hut. Opposite easily southeast we look and take the Sorapiss group with its small glaciers, in the west on the Tofane the Tofana di Rozes for mornings in the eye. Besides the white glacier of the queen stings us dolomites, which Marmolada calls itself, in the eye. Even the Pale di San Martino somewhat in the southwest continues to sit down skillfully in scene.

Descent: The descent to the Rifugio takes place on same way as the rise. Finally we make on the way rise ourselves again by the short tunnel and over the 27m long suspension bridge "Ponte Cristallo" to the burr where we had come yesterday up and make the excursion over there the Mte. Cristllino d'Ampezzo 3000 genuine with 3008m are and wire rope-insured in scarcely 15 min. to reach are where we again over there the summit rise of the Monte Cristallo to look can. Then we rise down to the Forcella Grande, 2874m, where on the left of the way on old war positions by pulls now. Short on with longer descents up to the Forcella Padeòn, 2760m, on the other side at the bricked command conditions "Buffa di Perrero" follows pulls we over rocks unsecured again upward and queren south around the Col Pistona and arrives then first down at the Forcella Alta, 2687m and over a steep debris-tears to the reference to the Forcella Bassa, 2467m in the change, where the way situation becomes somewhat unclear. Here we would have had to the right to descend (north), we however for lack of reference further on our path southern remain and steeply by a kind Canyon by crushed stones and around enormous stone breaking into somewhat arrive laboriously downward where with height of 2200 the way red mark direction Som Forca and Val Grande point. We follow this finally and over further 200 m over crushed stone fields and by low wood and achieve so the broad way in the Val Grande which we to the right follow now. First some cutters using we move northwest down.
More genuinly step, which we have to attribute ourselves. With branchings we remain always straightforward marked with S. Biagio or Ospitale. The way will arrive again steeply and we down at the river Ru Felizon where we our smoking feet hissing in the ice-cold water to hang. Now still over the bridge and over the small meadow slope to the starting point Ospidale. Result: Who would like itself to save the long forstweg, steige rather to the Forcella Bassa to the right down, who moves however gladly and Trekking can also our variant makes take.


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