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Location Lat/Lon: 46.23086°N / 13.93166°E
Additional Information County: Slovenia
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6050 ft / 1844 m
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View..View to Crna Prst from summit of Kobla
Triglav from the southFantastic view on Triglav

Crna Prst is practically beginning the South Bohinj Range. It is famous because of an extraordinarily rich flora and because of plants, which can not be found anywhere else. It is said to be a botanical paradise. In not so distant past here it was still possible to find new, unknown species of plants, which encouraged well known botanist to come and search there. Among them were also Balthazar Hacquet (1739 - 1815) and the famous Julius Kugy (1858 - 1944), a big lover and researcher of Julian Alps. He writes in his book 'Iz minulih dni' ('From the past days'): 'It was a mountain flora, which was guiding me into the valleys and on rocky summits of our nice country. I am allways thinking on that with gratitude.'. Karl Zois from Bohinj, the brother of a more known barron of Ziga Zois, and also a botanist, was charmed too; his name is eternalized in Campanula Zoyisii Wulf, one of endemites of Julian Alps. Here were written also first pages of the history of Slovenian organised mountaineering. On the mountain pasture Za Liscem stood the oldest mountaineering hut Oroznova koca. It's not there any more, unfortunately it was burnt down during the World War II.

The name Crna Prst (=Black Mould) has its origin in dark rock composition which is beautifully seen just under the summit. The Bohinj side of the mountain (northern) is rocky, in contrast to the Primorska grassy side. But that one is steep too. There locals were not so far back still mowing grass with crampons on legs.

The view from the summit is incredible: on the Triglav massif, far on the Adriatic see and of course on practically the entire South Bohinj Ridge, Karavanke toward the east and Kamnik/Steiner Alps toward the east-south..
View..Planina ( mountain pasture ) Za Liscem

Crna prstView from summit
Crna prstOn way..

Getting There

Villages on south terraces....Villages on south terraces
On the eastern shore of...Bohinj lake

Crna Prst can be reached from the south and from the north. From the south you follow the dreamy beautiful valley of Soca river. You will nowhere in Europe find a river of a such light blue colour. If in a small town Most na Soci (The Bridge on Soca) you turn right (eastwards), you will enter the Baca valley and reach the village of Strzisce, 756m, or village of Baca pri Podbrdu, 770m, or village Podbrdo, 508m. Through this valley also the railroad goes (and through a tunnel further on in Bohinj). From the north the Bohinj valley can be reached by a good road from the well known tourist resort of Bled.

Routes lists

Crna PrstCrna Prst from the South, from above Podbrdo
On the peak of Chrna Prst...View from summit towards east

- From Podbrdo: Go by marks by the settlement Trtnik (656m) until you reach the Sedlo saddle (985m). Here two more route join: from the village Strzisce (756m) and from the village Baca pri Podbrdu (770m). Go straight until you reach the saddle Cez Suho (1760m), from where you have a beautiful view on the darks rocks, giving Crna Prst its name.

Time Required: Podbrdo - saddle Sedlo - Crna Prst: 3h - 3h 30min
Return via saddle Sedlo - Podbrdo: 1h 30min - 2h
Together: 5h

Crna Prst MapA self-made map of Crna Prst by Vid Pogachnik

- From Bohinj: We start the ascent in Ravne, a settlement above Bohinjska Bistrica. Of course you can start ascending also from the middle of Bohinjska Bistrica, which will prolongue your trip for one good hour. We go by marks to the valley of Jata (by Mencinger's hut - Mencingerjev dom) to planina (mountain pasture) Za Crno Goro (1340m) where we turn right and reach the sadle Cez Suho (1760m). We can descend by planina (mountain pasture) Za Liscem (1338m).

Time Required: Ravne – Crna prst: 3h 30min
Return via planina Za Liscem: 2h - 2h 30min
Together: 6h

- From Ravne Over Osredki Pasture : click here

- Traversing South Bohinj Ridge : ( summit of Crna Prst engaged ) click here


- Julijske Alpe - vzhodni del (Julian Alps - eastern part) Planinska Zveza Slovenije. 1:50000
- Bohinj Subgroup interactive map click here

Red Tape

Especially the slopes of...Flowers along way on summit
Crna prstFrom above Petrovo brdo saddle

Crna Prst is in Triglav national park. There are no restraints practically. We beg you,that you keep nature intact, don't pick up flowers. Garbages also don't fit on mountains ;-)

When To Climb

Hard winter on South Bohinj...Crna Prst, seen from Mozic
Below Crna PrstFrom Strzisce village

Crna Prst can be reached in all seasons. In winter you need to be careful, because of the possibility of avalanches or iced slopes. Unannounced thunderstorms or fog require a necessary precaution also in summer. Best time for visit is June because of flowers and rich flora!

- ARSO (Slovenian)
- Provreme(Slovenian)
- Wunderground (English)

German Speaking People

KocenpohFrom below Crna Prst a creek flows down in Baca river. It's name is Kocenpoh.

by Vid Pogachnik: On the terraces below Crna Prst in past an isolated island of German speaking people lived. Today they are melted into the Slovenian population, but written documents and toponymes are very clear. In middle age they came into these places, empty in tah time, from Tyrol. And until a good century ago they were sending a mission each year into their home land, asking to be protected from grasshoppers invasion.

Huts & Camping

Crna prstHut "Zorka Jelincica"
TriglavTriglav from summit
Huts: - Dom Zorka Jelincica na Crni Prsti, 1835m (just below the summit)
- Litostrojska koca, 1306m (on Soriska planina)
Camping: In Bohinj, by the lake, there is a good camping place and in Bohinj you can also find some hotels and private rooms.



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