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Created On: Jul 20, 2010
Last Edited On: Dec 12, 2010

Scenery of green, yellow and golden fields...

Belts of fields...

Circa 10% of human population live in mountains. Mountain areas are economically the poorest and mortality of infants is highest there. In mountains the economic activity of man is reaching a level of high pastures; in European mountains even up to 3000 m a.s.l. Below, at a level of subalpine zone people harvest meadows for hay. Fields with crops, most often cereals and potato, are cultivated below the zone of deciduous trees. Of course, isolated fields penetrate higher places on slopes. Only some more hardy cereals are cultivated in mountains. Rye, barley, oat and wheat, very often not as a pure population but as a mixed one, are harvested in the late summer. Many local races of cereals and potatoes are commonly cultivated. This great biodiversity reduces risk of low yield caused by a variable weather. In some areas of the Earth poor cereal fields are situated very high. Such fields we can see in the Andes, the Himalayas, Afghanistan or Iran. In Poland a traditional agriculture and rare and genetically valuable crops and weeds one can find in the foothills of the Tatras called Podhale or around the Pieniny Mts. in the adjacent Spisz region. In mountains fields are rather small, in the form of narrow belts made transversally to the slopes. Such their arrangement protects slopes against a landslide. Always when ascending the mountains we see such fields. We meet farmers working there; in Polish mountains they are called “górale”. All the family of a farmer is working in the field when it is the time of sowing or harvesting. Sometimes there is not possible to harvest a crop because a sudden snow covers it.

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