Crossing Briniza/Brinica

Crossing Briniza/Brinica

Page Type Page Type: Route
Location Lat/Lon: 46.28812°N / 13.34796°E
Additional Information Route Type: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Time Required: Half a day
Additional Information Difficulty: Medium hard hike-up
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Rating The Route (By Hiking Standards)

Monte Testa Grande
Steep southern grassy slopes

0. General: From 614 m to 1636 m, exposition S (on the ridge W and E). Marked path, steep grassy slopes and a few rocky sections on the ridge. Otherwise broad path (mulatiera).
1. Effort: cca 1200 m (on the ridge several short ascents and descents). 3 h to the ridge, 1 h for crossing, 2:30 h for the descent.
2. Power: 1 - No difficulties.
3. Psyche: 2 - Easy (some care needed, you already feel depth).
4. Orientation: 1 - No difficulties.

Getting There

You start the tour in Monteaperta village, 614 m. See the main page how to get there.

Route Description

Above Monteaperta
At hunters observation point

You start the tour in the village, by a fountain above the church, where you see the inscription for path No. 710 (the path No. 711 starts a bit lower in the village). A nice path soon exits the village, crosses the ravine and starts ascending up by a beautiful side crest, covered with woods. Higher the path turns once left into the ravine, does a short scree and rocky section and soon returns again on the ridge. You keep ascending up in many turns, until you reach a hunters observation point. From there you already see the grassy upper slopes.  

The southern slopes of Gran Monte
The S slopes of Gran Monte

The marked path continues ascending by the grassy ridge, which now starts getting a bit steeper. The panorama is broader and broader, decorated by the last trees, growing on these southern slopes. When the path reaches the steep upper slopes, it starts turning slowly towards the left, crossing the steep grassy slopes above the distinct ravine, which we see all the time left of our ridge. Actually here the path uses a steep band, ascending upwards. These slopes are steep enough that skiing here down would not be recommended any more. Just before reaching the ravine, the path turns up again. We already see the nearby summit of M. Testa Grande, 1556 m on the left. A few more steep meters and we reach the main ridge. The panorama on Musi / Muzci range and on Kanin mountains opens.  

Briniza/Brinica summit ridge
On the summit ridge

We can do a quick ascent on M. Testa Grande and return. From here on we follow the main ridge all the time towards the east. We almost have the altitude, but the ridge to the highest point of Briniza / Brinica will take us another good 30 minutes. It goes up and down over a few less distinct elevations, some sections of the path are steep and rocky and require some care. It is still a hiking route, but on several places we use hands to maintain balance. In winter, steep sections can be tricky if covered with hard snow or even ice.  

Monteaperta from below Briniza/Brinica
Looking down on Monteaperta

From the summit of Briniza / Brinica we see the further section clearly ahead. The next elevation is still steep to overcome, especially descents into notches go over a few rocky sections. Then we have only gentle grassy slopes down to the big cross on point 1540 m (Forcella Kris). This is the point on the main ridge, where from Monteaperta a broad ex military path (mulatiera) over the southern slopes of Briniza / Brinica comes (marked as path No. 711). In the upper part, the path is rocky and deteriorated enough that a mountain bike descent would not be just joyful, but in the lower part it is comfortable and could be also used for biking. In endless turns we lose altitude, first over grassy then forested slopes and finally around the corner (after we cross the ravine) we reach Monteaperta village.

Essential Gear

Usual hiking gear. Poles very useful.

External Links

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