Crystal Geyser, Utah

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Utah, United States, North America
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Created On: Aug 26, 2011
Last Edited On: Aug 28, 2011

Prospecting for oil yields surprise:

Extremely colorful rocks remain from a man-created geyser. Cold water and carbon dioxide mix to slosh out of an old possible well southeast of the town of Green River, Utah. Located next to the river of the same name, it shoots a little more water than usual every 12-15 hours. Not a busy route, your car covers about 10 miles from the town to the geyser often without seeing anyone else. Your little kids can climb on nearby red rock edges and have a good time. The same area has several old buildings from cold-war government missle testing. White sands missle test range went from here to New Mexico. A B-52 jet once crashed in Utah southeast of here possibly with nuclear bombs. This area has other destinations written about on this database including Crescent Junction, Floy Wash, and Hatch Mesa.

Getting there:

Interstate 70 has an east and a west Green River exit. Next to the east exit #164 is the frontage road or "old highway 50-6" dating back before the interstate was constructed. There is a town welcome sign where you find the right road. This east-bound frontage passes the gun range, a cute little refinery, and then you go south at the most well-traveled chance, crossing under the old concrete railway bridge. You need to go under the west-bound and then east-bound interstate and you will see a two-legged wooden sign on your right announcing the geyser. Continue on the most used way south and then westerly until your trail ends.

Crystal Geyser, Utah

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