Morro do Cuscuzeiro

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Analândia/ São Paulo, Brazil, South America
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Morro do Cuscuzeiro
Created On: Nov 14, 2003
Last Edited On: Aug 21, 2013
overview of cuscuzeiro

Cuscuzeiro Peak is a 900 meters tall, of which approximately 50 meters of vertical rock formation, which characterizes the geological formation of the hill with a witness. Consisting of rock sandstone and located in the Brazilian city of Analândia in the state of Sao Paulo, renowned tourist spot and place for contemplation, to practice climbing and more than 50 routes for climbing, with varying degrees since the 5.6 to 5.13. The routes include from climbing a bit more traditional, sport routes with high grades and also sections with artificial rock climbing. Another activity sought in a little less in Cuscuzeiro is rappel.

Analândia is one of 15 counties considered climatic resorts by the State of São Paulo, by fulfilling certain prerequisites set by State Law. This status ensures these municipalities a larger budget for the state to promote regional tourism. Also, the city acquires the right to add your name next to the title of Climate Office, a term by which is designated by both the municipal official hours and state the references.

To see the complete set of the routes on Cuscuzeiro, please access: Cuscuzeiro climbing routes guide

Getting There

Arriving in Brazil, you must go to São Paulo, the capital of São Paulo State, the most developed State of Brazil.
In São Paulo, you must go to Tietê Bus station and look for Cidade Azul bus company, and buy a ticket to Rio Claro, 200 Km distance from São Paulo, and 2 and a half hours by freeway.
Rio Claro is a medium sized city with 180.000 inhabitants. From Rio Claro Bus Station leaves the bus to Analândia. There is only twice departures per day. 08:00 and 13:10. So you must take the 10:00 hours bus in São Paulo to get there.
Arriving in Analândia There is a unpaved road that leads to Cuscuzeiro Peak. By foot it's around 30 minutes walk.

Red Tape

To climb in Cuscuzeiro you must pay a fee of R$ 10,00 per day (around 4.5 US$). To climb and camp you pay R$ 10,00. There is camping place with bathrooms and shower.

What equipaments are necessary:

60 meters rope
Rock climbing equipament in general.

When To Climb

If you're lucky with weather, Year round. But I d do it between late may to early september, winter here in Brazil, so colder and dry conditions, perfect to climb.

Weather Forecast

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Legal Issues

To hike/ climb is a dangerous activity and requires proper equipment and clothing, the owner of this page cannot be blamed by injuries caused to anyone who read this page for its info about the mountain, and eventually got hurt by doing so with reckless behaviour or bad weather conditions.

Paulo Roberto Felipe Schmidt – AKA: PAROFES

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Morro do Cuscuzeiro

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