Czarna Góra

Czarna Góra

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 50.23403°N / 16.82762°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3953 ft / 1205 m
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Trail to Czarna GóraTrail
Trail to Czarna GóraTrail
Trail to Czarna GóraTrail
Trail to the top of Czarna GóraSummit

Czarna Góra is very famous mountain given its importance, for the simple reason it is one of the most popular ski resorts of the Sudetes on the Polish side.

The name means "black mountain", just like the former german one (Schwarzer Berg). Despite being close to Czech Republic and that its name would be easily translated as "Černá Hora", the Czechs usualy do not so and keep the polish spelling, probably not to mix it in an already confusing crowd of homonyms. The polish name has also two, located respectively in Karkonosze and the Iser mountains, not to count a country name as well (what we call Montenegro).

Czarna Góra lies entierely in Poland and makes the northern extension of the massif of Śnieżnik (then, if we consider that Sněžník belongs to the Jeseníky, Czarna Góra does so). Its conic shape is recognized from far, especially when coming from the north and the Kłodzko road.

Apart from the ski resort, several things make Czarna Góra famous. There is a beautiful wooden outlook tower on top, which makes a fine hiking goal. A radio transmiter is also standing a bit below, and served by an asphanlted road, makes Czarna Góra a popular cycling goal. The traverse from Czarna Góra to Śnieżnik is also a rewarding hike made by many.

Trail to Czarna Góra from KonradówCzarna Góra from Konradów

Getting There

Śnieżnik from Czarna GóraŚnieżnik from Czarna Góra
View from the tower on the top of Czarna GóraOutlook tower view

Keprnik from Czarna GóraKeprnik from Czarna Góra
View from the tower on the top of Czarna GóraOutlook tower view

Sienna, Kletno and Międzygórze are the usual starting points.
From Poland, all three are reached via Kłodzko if we come from Wrocław.
From Czech Republic, it is best reached from Oloumouc. While the Międzylesie border suits Międzygórze, passing through Kladské sedlo (Przełęcz Płoszczyna) is more adviseable.

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Trail to Czarna Góra from KonradówTrail to Czarna Góra from Konradów


The tower on the top of Czarna GóraOutlook tower
Little chapel near Sienna, Czarna GóraSienna Chapel
The road leading to the antenna on the top (or almost) of Czarna GóraSummit road
The trail between Czarna Góra and Śnieżnik South trail
The tower on the top of Czarna GóraOutlook tower

* The most direct route is from Sienna, more exactly at the pass Przełęcz Puchaczówka where starts the red-marked trail going steeply south to the top.

* From Kletno, it is possible to catch the other end of this red trail starting with the yellow one.

* From Międzygórze, we can choose either to get to Przełęcz Puchaczówka via the blue trail, or the Kletno junction via the green one, in the half of which an unmarked track allows shortening the hike by reaching Żmijowa Polana directly. Both options involve a long hike.

Konradów, village near Czarna GóraVilage in the surrounding


Konradów, village near Czarna GóraKonradów
Konradów, village near Czarna GóraKonradów
Cheese makers huts on the path from Konradów to SiennaSherperd hut
Konradów, village near Czarna GóraKonradów

* Bicouacking, wild-camping: Czarna Góra is out of the Śnieżnik protected zone so in theory it is possible. Do do preferably on the south side, for example Żmijowa Polana

* Mountain huts: None, apart from the quite distant Schronisko na Śnieżniku

* There is a crowd of accomodations in Sienna, Kletno and Międzygórze :

Panorama, from the trail of KonradówPanorama



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