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Created On: Aug 28, 2007
Last Edited On: Aug 28, 2007
Early august we went to Brüggler to Switzerland. From Budapest it takes a long time about 12-14 hours. We couldn't start enough early only at noon so during the trip we rather changed our destination to climb in Austria this day. Close to our way there was Dürnstein climbing area. We have never been there before that's why we chose that.

We parked our car and we went to the rocks. Trough narrow streets of a little town we reached the climbing area. We found there a lot of granite towers and boulders. It was afternoon so there were only a few people on the walls. It was beautiful scenery to river Danube, to the surrounding hills and villages. We climbed some of the 1 pitch routes and after climbing we reached the top of the hill and ruins of Dürnstein castle on aridge. Last rays of the setting sun painted the landscape beautifully.

I hope I can show the beautyness of this place with the photos of this album.


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