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Location Lat/Lon: 44.55085°N / 15.15324°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 4278 ft / 1304 m
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Middle Velebit can be divided into Šatorina group and Dabarski Kukovi group. Although between them there is no sharp boundaries, and even dou the groups are connected with well known Premužiceva trail, this division is justified because of the different natural features and for practical reasons. Šatorina group is far from transport links and it is hardly accessible, while the Dabarski Kukovi are near the Baške Oštarije where is the regular bus line few times a day and moreover good accommodation options.
View towards Dabarski KukoviDabarski Kukovi from Baške Oštarije
VelebitLeonardoDj - Dabarski Kukovi range from Bačić Kuk summit

Unlike the central ridge of the Middle Velebit from Zečjak to Visibaba, which is characterized by greater height, with the mild form peaks which are often covered by meadows - such as Šatorina and Budakovo hill, the continuation of the ridge starting from Bačić Kuk to Ljubički Kuk over Oštarije gives a completely different picture.
Dabarski Kukovi cliffsLimestone cliffs at Dabarski Kukovi range

The clearest picture of this group we can experience from its highest peak, Bačić Kuk. From here a proper range of white limestone rock cones, which are in almost straight line to the southeast providing a distance of almost 10 km long, are rising from the green mantle of forests and grassy valleys. Among all rock cliffs/cones the most important are Bačić Kuk, Kukaline, Butinovača, Kiza, Grabar and Ljubičko hill. This series of beautiful rocks is called Dabarski Kukovi.

The cliffs of Dabarski Kukovi rise above picturesque Dabar basins, after which they got their name. The most known basins are Crni Dabar (667 mtrs), Ravni Dabar, Došen Dabar (750 mtrs), Crna Duliba and the most beautiful Bačić Duliba (860 mtrs) below Bačić Kuk.

Baške Oštarije

Baške Oštarije (927 mtrs) is an important pass/mountain village with some 50 residents on the Gospić-Karlobag road, which is also the geographical border between Middle and Southern Velebit. In the centre of the village is the "Velebno" hotel which was rebuilt as a 3-star object soon after its destruction by missiles in the recent Croatian War of Independence, and the church of the Visitation of St. Elizabeth, which has been rebuilt with donations by the faithful of Austria.

West of Baške Oštarije, at the pass known as Vrata (Gate) there stands a stone Cubus, a monument dating from the year 1.847 and erected on the completion of this very important Velebit road.

Important cliffs of Dabarski Kukovi

At Bačić Kuk is a beginning (or ending) of Dabarski Kukovi - long streak of white cliffs. From here this main, seaboard, streak slowly get away from the seaboard side towards inner Velebit. They end at Ljubičko Brdo.

BAČIĆ KUK (1.304 mtrs) N44 34 45.8, E15 05 46.0

Bačić Kuk is the largest, highest and most northern group of cliffs in Dabarski Kukovi range. It consists of several bare limestone cliffs of different heights, which are high above the beautiful green Bačić Duliba valley. Bačić Kuk is also decorated with enormous 100 mtrs high monolith tower.

ZASJČENI KUK (1.102 mtrs)

KUKALINE (1.102 mtrs)


KUK OD VISIBABE (1.160 mtrs)

RUJIČIN KUK (946 mtrs)



BUTINOVAČA (1.127 mtrs)

ŠIROKI KUK (1.081 mtrs)

VRANJI KUK (1.121 mtrs)

ŽUTI KUK (1.180 mtrs)

KIZA (1.274 mtrs) N44 32 54.7, E15 09 35.2

Kiza is rocky ridge composed of many vertical and leaning cliffs of bizarre shapes. It is long about 2 kilometers. Kiza can be reached from Stupacinovo village (2 possibilites) or from NW direction and over Žuti Kuk.


GRABAR (1.270 mtrs)

Grabar is huge cliff standing above Alaginac pass where the marked route leads towrds Crni Dabar. It is a nice and short climbing feat. On the NW side of the Grabar cliff is huge half-cave whose ceiling in one place has fallen down, so from the summit and through the hole we can see the
bottom of the cave (Grabar window).


VRŠELJCI (1.212 mtrs)




(1.320 mtrs) N44 32 14.8, E15 11 24.2


Climbing at Dabarski Kukovi

Dabarski kukovi crag is a collection of buttress's offering multi-pitch rock climbing up to 185m high. All of the crags in this area are all limestone rock and are generally well bolted.

The crags of Dabarski kukovi (185m high) offer good multi-pitch climbing of up to 6-pitches. For all the crags that offer multi-pitch climbing, a set of nuts and friends are required. Also note for some routes at Dabarski kukovi a 70m rope is recommended.

The Spring and Autumn are the best time to climb in this area.

Because of preservation of plant and animal species climbing is prohibited at all locations except on Agin Kuk, Rujičin Kuk and Čelina. Equipping of new directions in these rocks can not be made without prior approval by the administration of Velebit Nature Park.

Agin Kuk and Rujičin KukAgin Kuk and Rujičin Kuk

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Zima bovhina6b+ (6a,5a,6b+,6a)120m
02.Vamos a la plaja6b+ (5b,5c,4b,5a,6b+)140m
03.Altweibersmmer5c (4b,5a,5b,5c)120m
04.Votan6c+ (6c,6b+,6b+,6c+)85m
05.Tempo vulcan6a (5c,5a,4b,4a)120m
06.Bibl und Bubl5b (5b,5b,5b)105m

Rujičin Kuk (946 mtrs) cliffsRujičin Kuk

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Starter4c (4b,4c)65m
02.La forza dell ignoranza6b (6b,5b,5b)105m
03.Reunion6c (6c,5b,4a)100m
04.Colori d autunno6a+ (6a+,5c,6a,3)120m
05.Vipera6c+ (6c+,5a,5c)120m
06.Velebit express6a (5b,6a,5b,5a)120m
07.Stanlio & Olio6c+ (6b,6c+,6b+6a)120m
08.Via Manuela6b+ (6a,6b,6b,6b+,5b, 5a)145m
09.La figlia del Capitano7a+ (6a,7a+,6b,6b)185m
10.L orecchio della Balena6c+ (4c,6c+,6a,6c/c+, 3)125m
11.Stranger to the ground6a (5c,5c,6a,6a,6a)130m
12.Ma Jo6c/A0 (6c/A0,6c/A0, 6b+)150m
13.Traumpfeiler6b (2,5c/A1,6a,5b,6b, 4c)95m
14.Nasugll5c (3,1,5b,5b+,5c,5b+)95m
15.Attraverso I arcobaleno-170m
16.Singing in the rain-145m

No.Route nameGradeLenght
03.Kleine Liebe5a27m

Kuk ČelinaČelina cliffs

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Bovaaan!6b+ (6b,6b+6a+,6c)100m
02.Feuer & Eis6a (5c+,6a)70m
03.Nekeg lepeg dne7a+ (6b,7a+)75m

It is also possible to climb following routes on Zasjčeni Kuk, Vranjković Kuk and Bačić Kuk, but before you have to announce your activities/climbing plans to the Velebit Nature Park administration.


No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.l trono di Plutone6a (5c,6a,6a)150m
02.Geierwally6a+ (6a+,6a)


No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Cuba Libre6b (6a,6a+,5a)90m
02.Rolling Stones6a (4b,6a,4b)80m
03.Elvis6b+ (6a+,5c,6b+)
04.Il Risveglio dei Mascherini5c (5c,5b,5b)95m
05.Lost in space6c+ (6a,6a+,5a)180m
06.Tempus Vernum6a+ (5b,4b,6a+,4c)-

Bačić Kuk (1.304 mtrs) cliffsBačič Kuk cliffs

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Osvar and Sabrina6b/A0 (6a+,6b/A0, 6a+/A0,6a+,6a+,4c/A0)180m
02.La Golondrina7a (6a,7a,6c+,6b,5b)190m
03.Walking turtle6c (6c,6a+,6b,6a+,5b)
04.Eol6b+ (4b,6b+,6a,6a+)190m

Climbing guidebook for this area - Croatia Sports Climbing Guidebook by Boris Čujić

Getting there

The most easiest way to come here at Baške Oštarije is definitely by car or by regular bus line from Gospić town at Lika region, or from Karlobag at the Adriatic coast. From Gospić town you have to drive for about 21 km, while from Karlobag 19 km.
Beautiful panorama view...Adriatic Sea and island Pag
Through limestone chaos of Dabarski Kukovi cliffs...Interesting road through limestone chaos of Dabarski kukovi

It is also possible to pass through Dabarski Kukovi by car along the longitudinal road towards Štirovaca meadow. From the main road Karlobag-Gospić on the 10th km, before abandoned village Šušanj, there is a crossroad near the ruins of an old sawmill where this road begins. The road is asphalted till Dabarska Kosa pass, which is very important point because here the road crosses with famous Premužiceva trail. Dabarska Kosa offers great view towards Ravni Dabar valley with mountain hut and one side and Adriatic Sea with island Pag on the other side.

From here the road goes through the cliffs of Rujičin Kuk, where starts the area of huge cliffs of different shapes. The road itself goes through this limestone chaos and it is a real touristic attraction.

Routes overview

Map of Dabarski Kukovi areaBačič Kuk & Ravni Dabar area
Map of Dabarski Kukovi areaArea around Kiza

There are many routes in this area and various hiking combinations. The whole area of Dabarski Kukovi is well marked and all routes are in good condition.

The best way to start is at Baške Oštarije/Stupačinovo village from where you can explore everything around Kiza or at Dabarska Kosa pass for visiting Ravni Dabar and Bačić Kuk.

When to climb

Dabarski Kukovi can be climbed any time of the season. For winter ascent the crampons and ice axe are a must, also guiding rope can be very useful.

The road to Baške Oštarije in winter is regularly cleaned, but it is important to have winter car equipment.

Mountain huts

Mountain hut Ravni Dabar (723 mtrs)

The hut is situated at Ravni Dabar valley (Middle Velebit). It is surrounded by picturesque limestone cliffs of Butinovača, Visibaba and Čelina. The building itself was a public school many years. The hut is equipped with 50 beds, large dining room and big water tank. It is open on weekend through out the whole year. Contact person is Mile Prpić +385 53 633016. The hut can be reached by foot or by car.
Prpa HousesPrpa Houses

Prpa Houses (927 mtrs)

Prpa Houses are situated on Baške Oštarije pass (Middle Velebit). In fact these houses are privat bungalows made in alpine style, with capacity for about 40 people. It is open through out the whole year and it is equipped with water. Near the resort owner have made a small botanical garden. Contact person is Vlado Prpić +385 53 674012.

Mountain hut Vila Velebita (920 mtrs)

The hut is situated at Baške Oštarije, on the main road (about 600 mtrs from the hotel). It is a ground-floor house with an attic and capacity of about 20 beds. Contact persons Mile Maras +385 98 245855 and Tomislav Canic +385 53 574065.

Velebitska Degenija plant

Velebitska Degenija (Degenia velebitica) is an endemic plant of the family Brassicaceae. Strictly protected species, a symbol of Velebit and Croatia. It is extremely rare and endemic plant, which appears on the Velebit mountain rubble, but also in the crevices of rocks.
 Velebitska DegenijaVelebitka Degenija
Velebitska degenijaVelebitka Degenija

So far it is found only in three places. Two are on the southern Velebit - Krug and Kuk Plana near Šugarska duliba. The third site is on the middle Velebit - Soline slopes, near Budakovo brdo peak. These are natural sites, from where the plant was transplanted to some other places such as the Meteorological station Zavižan and botanical garden near Prpa houses at
Baške Oštarije.

Velebitska Degenija is gentle and humble low perennial plant. The stalk is as high and 10 cm. The leaves are narrow, spear, tapering tip, gathered into rosettes and silvery white. Bloom is corymb. It blossoms in May and June. It has beautiful yellow flowers. The fruits are greyish.
The root is long, creeping into the cracks of rocks and stones under the gravel seam.

It is named after the Hungarian natural scientist Árpád von Degen (1866.-30th Mar 1934.), who discovered the Velebitska Degenija plant on 17th July 1907.

Red tape

No limitations, except for rock climbing.
Autumn magicAutumn magic at Dabarski Kukovi

Mountain conditions

Information on weather conditions in the area can be found on
Croatian State Hydrometeorological Institute site:

Weather forecast for Baške Oštarije


SMAND No. 17 - Srednji Velebit

SMAND No. 17a - Dabarski Kukovi / Srednji Velebit

SMAND official website



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