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This cave is located on the south of motelghoo a part of tonekabon.It is 2033 meters long and full of adventure!Its an active cave which seems to be unique as much as we know. Just bats were seen in the first hall and no other animals.
At first its almost easy but the farther you go the harder it becomes.
The amount of water in the cave is influenced by the season so we choosed this time of the year wich the water becomes less than any other time.
It takes more than 6 hours to go to the end and come back. The main path has been completely explored but it's still too soon to say that we know the cave exactly. The paths which are different from the main one needs careful consideration.


Some Details

Daniyal Cave-3rd hall
The octopus

The cave entrance is about 300 meters above sea level. Just after entering the cave you start descending in an almost steep slope then there is a horizontal tunnel about 150 meters long with the river flow and this is the best place to do the last arrangements of group before getting deep into the cave.
The rest is a great collection of almost all kinds of stalegtites and stalegmites. Flowstones in this cave are so shining and nice. Be ready for the treasure of beauty. Deep inside Daniyal there are great places for turning the headlights off and listening to the music of water, Places for listening to yourself.

How to reach?

Getting to Tonekabon is quite easy from Tehran.There are few buses every day and also cars both available from West-Terminal of Tehran just beside Azadi sq. You can also fly to Ramsar and then drive to Tonekabon for about 25 minutes.
You should go to motelghoo from tonekabon.then from motelghoo suare you can get to daniyal village on the south of should ask daniyal's people to show you the way to the cave entrance.Just a 10 minute walk will easily take you to the cave.Now enjoy! Beside the cave there is a great place to take a walk beside the river if there are people with you not wishing to join the caving program.

very very old!

Important to know

Tiny Bat
Comming out of water
Daniyal Cave-main hall

1: Bring some extra clothes with yourself so you can change them with the wet ones when you get out of the cave.
2: The water in the cave is not too cold but for more than 5 hours there is no place to get warm,so be ready for that if you want to get in there.
3:No technical equipment or skill is needed in Daniyal. But you need to be in a good shape and not to big! There are some places you should pass just as a worm!