Daring Dreams

Daring Dreams

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Making The Impossible Possible!!

Many have dreams. Dreams ranging from the impossible made possible and ones that are kind of easy. But many don’t get to them. They either spend too much time in front of the T.V. or at movies or just are afraid to complete there dream. Cause indeed what you put your mind to you can do! Some are never are in the outdoors, which I think they are missing out big time. But I train myself to get to my dream. That’s very important to me in this life I have. I have an attitude of ‘nothing will stop me from getting there'. It all starts with your mind. You act your thoughts. Just try this concept for some dream and it will work. Have the endurance to get to the top!! Be determined!! Let NOTHING stop you!!

My Personal Daring Dream

My personal dream is to climb the biggest mountains in the world and it is no easy task. I like the challenges that come up in life, they make you stronger; and the stronger you get the better chance you have to accomplish your dream. That’s the attitude everyone should have.

I am going to climb all of the 14 8,000m peaks. I read my first mountaineering book about two years ago when I was 13. It was Everest: The Kanshung Face written by Stephen Venables on account of one of the most dangerous faces on Everest, The East Face. He summitted without oxygen which alone is an amazing accomplishment. Let alone climbing the impossible Kangshung Face. I had started the beginning of my dream when I got done reading this. I realized anything is possible.

I have my dream pretty much figured out: I want to climb the 14 summits over 8,000 m in the winter with no Oxygen. Im also considering doing the seven sub summits to get every summit over 8,000m bagged.

Im wanting to do Makalu by the original route. Then I want to climb Kangchenjunga by the North Face. I then want to climb Everest and Lhotse be the South Col. Then I will be off to Nanga Parbat and will be doing the regular route. Then off to Annapurna, the most dangerous mountain in the world, by the Dutch Rib.

Next I will climb K2 also during winter by a new route in which I have already planned on the south face by the Abruzzi Spur. K2 has never been done in the winter and there is a reason why! I would like to be the first to climb it in the winter. It will take many attempts though.

I am also wanting to climb the Seven Summits and ski to the North and South Pole. I want to be the first to winter ascent the seven summits also. I call this the Daring Dream. And of course I have to prepare so much for these climbs, which I am already doing. This is what I will do later in the future. I will never give up this dream!

This dream seems impossible and very dangerous. The impossible for me is possible. Many call it suicidal and crazy. I am a risk manager as Ed Viesturs says. I don’t take the risk, I manage it. If there is a dangerous situation, I will turn back when others don’t. I get alot of," Oh you will never complete that dream." or ," He will get the wake up call." For all of you saying that stop trying to down my dream when you probably dont have one.

Many times I get so excited and I imagine myself on a summit picture, or think of the situations I will encounter. I am too young to climb what I want, but I can sure imagine it.

There is a lot of risk involved in Himalayan climbing. It is not safe! Humans are not meant to be there. The ways of dying up there are countless. You could get AMS, fall from a simple mistake, since your mind will be affected by altitude… There are crevasse falls, avalanches, frostbite, snow blindness, storms that come without warning, severe exhaustion, and still many more possibilities. It’s not an easy game up there. And one small mistake could be the end of your life.

Many don’t get to say, “I Lived My Dream.” You usually have to work unimaginably hard to get there. Some are willing to work and others are not. It’s all up to your commitment and your endurance to get to the top of your game. As I always say, “Many dream, but few make it happen.” You will have to keep working to get there. You will face obstacles beyond belief but overcome them.

The key to success is: What you think you can do, you will always do. So think you can do this! And you will get there. Don’t think, “I can’t do this.” Let nothing stop your dream from happening. Don’t give up. Tackle your dreams! And get to the top!

I am Noah McKelvin and am 15 years old. I have climbed a number of fourteeners near home - and I am going to go much higher!!

Why Climb?

I get it alot where someone asks me why do you want to do all that dangerous climbing? Its one of those questions where for some reason it is so hard to answer! As George Mallory said, ”because it is there.” I find so much satisfaction and pleasure in doing this. I want to wake up on one of those faces on one of those mountains and just think how glad I am to be there. Even though it will not be a place you will want to be all the time. I am so excited! I am also wanting to get some sponsors for these trips. I have two climbing partners Brandon Molnar and Ryan Halsey who are going to join me to get to the top. They also have the same dream as me. Whether they are going to do it with me or not nothing is going to stop me from soaring to the top. Who else is going to chase there dreams and do whatever they can to get there?!?!?


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Corax - Feb 7, 2008 6:06 am - Voted 10/10

Way to go

I life without dreams and plans is no life at all.


Narcisse - Feb 17, 2008 7:54 pm - Hasn't voted

Good Luck Noah

Go get them!

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