Dark Shadows, 5.8

Many different options exist, including a walk off. What I and another local have figured out is the quickest and most enjoyable descent(avoid the crowd on Cat in the Hat, avoid the long walk off in the wrong direction, etc) is to follow some cairns we have established in a southwesterly direction descending at an angle into the south fork of Pine Canyon. Eventually you come to a steep gully that turns sharply left. Follow this gully down as it narrows to a steep canyon. Take three single rope raps off of trees and a chock stone, add a bit of 5th class down climbing here and there to avoid shorter raps, and you will find your way down to the south fork of Pine Canyon in quick order. Hike out of the wash heading east. All tat was in decent shape in March, 2010.
Dark Shadows, 5.8, 12 Pitches, Mescalito, Red Rocks, NV, March, 2010


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