DATE AND TIME: 062304, 0841;...

DATE AND TIME: 062304, 0841;
LOCATION: The top of Bobcat Pass along NM-38 (milepost 17);
CAMERA: Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom, 10x optical, 3x digital, 3.2 megapixel;
DESCRIPTION: The pointy peak in the center is Mt. Walter, NOT Wheeler Peak. "Point 13,045" is the large hump just right of center, with a horizontal snow field just below. The flat ridge on the right 1/4 of this photo is a shortcut that many Wheeler Peak hikers use to avoid the loss of elevation coming down from Frazer Mountain (out of the picture to the right) to the La Cal Basin (located somewhere behind the large mass that is just to the lower right of "Point 13,045"). Old Mike Peak (13,113') is the large peak on the left 1/4. Simpson Peak (12,976') is located somewhere on the saddle right of Old Mike Peak and left of what many people think is Wheeler Peak, but is actually Mt. Walter. Half of the saddle connecting Wheeler Peak to Old Mike Peak (with Simpson Peak located somewhere in between) is overlapped by the ridge slope coming down from Mt. Walter (center).

This photo (taken from Red River Pass) shows you a close-up of Mt. Walter and "Point 13,045." Contrary to picture postcards that you find in souvenir shops (that look identical to this photo), the summit of Wheeler Peak is hidden behind the saddle connecting Mt. Walter to "Point 13,045."


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