DATE AND TIME: 070504, 1123;...

DATE AND TIME: 070504, 1123;
LOCATION: From the top of Greenie Peak (11,249');
CAMERA: Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom, 10x optical, 3x digital;
DESCRIPTION: A close-up of Wheeler Peak, Mt. Walter and "Point 13,045." Mt. Walter (13,141') is the lump in the center and the ACTUAL summit of Wheeler Peak (13,161') is the HIGHEST point right of center in the distance. You can see half of the saddle from Wheeler Peak to Mt. Walter.

This photo shows the ridges which are indicated by colored lines. The snow field in the dead center of the photo is on the Walter/Point 13,045 saddle, not the Walter/Wheeler saddle. "Point 13,045" is the rounded hump on the right 1/3 of this photo and just to the lower right of Wheeler Peak.


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