Dead end of a misleading trail

This was on an organized trip, with a local guide to show us the route. The plan was Biguinnoussene, but as we got to the pass between Tazaghart hut and Neltner hut, it was a bit windy, so the guide wanted to skip it and head straight down the other side.

We didn't agree. The wind wasn't all that strong, and I suspect he just didn't like the wind chill, but we could easily handle that. After some discussion, I thought we had convinced him to go further, but after a while, it turned out he had lead us to a viewpoint - a nice one, sure, but not the summit - from which it wasn't feasible to go any further, at least not without a rope. I went up a just a wee bit, just for fun.

Next time in Morocco, no guide for me!


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