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spencer weiler - Aug 13, 2013 11:09 pm - Hasn't voted

Updated Access Issues

I went up trying to access Deaf Smith today not knowing the whole access issue, just wanting to hike up there to check it out. Right off of Kings Hill Dr to the east is the private road as discussed here. There are big painted words on the driveway saying "no hiking access" with about 7 signs saying private property, no trespassing etc. I was stopped almost immediately by the man who lives on the corner asking if i was heading up hiking. I cordially asked him about the trailhead and he proceeded to tell me a huge long story about "the war of deaf smith canyon". I never made it up the road.

Apparently a few years ago there was a big problem with tons of hooligans who vandalized the land owners' property, left garbage on lawns, and even had people collapse in his yard from being drunk. There was a flood one year and the teens stole the sand bags and through them in the river, creating a huge mess. He claimed the owner got fed up and he got an easement placed, so no one is allowed to cross on his property, which he described as being over 40 lots that extend from LCC to BCC all east of the current housing. He isn't building on the lots due to financial reasons. The man claimed there were cameras at the "trailhead" and a potential $700 fine for trespassing.

Obviously this guy I talked to has an agenda, so I have no idea if what all he said was true, but it certainly does appear to be a bad situation as far as access goes. He said the only way to get to Deaf Smith was through a traverse from Ferguson, as the owner doesn't own one lot over there or something, but that hike seems like would be a 30 min schwak unless there is a trail, which I doubt, though have not done it. I have heard of multiple cases this year of people going up there, but have no idea if they trespassed or have another secret access I'm unaware of.

Unfortunate circumstance where it seems like inconsiderate, rude, and likely immature folks ruined access for hikers and climbers.

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