Denali W Butt - 2008

Denali W Butt - 2008

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2008 Climb of Denali's West Buttress

3D Route Diagrams of Denali3D Route Diagrams of Denali

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    Denali Favorites - Selected photo favorites from the Denali climb, some of which are not on SP
    Denali Full - Every photo I took and kept from the trip (a lot of 'em)
    Denali Strahan - Photos taken by Mark Strahan of the Denali Climb

    Section 1 - KIA to 7,500' Camp

    Denali W Buttress Route - Section 1
    Sunset from 7,500 ft on the KahiltnaSunset from 7,500 ft on the Kahiltna
    It Pays to be OrganizedIt pays to be organized
    Cool Peak on Flight inThe flight in
    KIA WeatherboardKIA Weather Board
    Mark & John Heading OutMark & John Heading Out
    Mark and ForakerMark & Foraker
    Mt CrossonMt Crosson
    The Endless Expanse of the KahiltnaThe Endless Expanse of the Kahiltna
    The 10,000 ft Rise of Mt ForakerThe 10,000 ft Rise of Mt Foraker
    The Horizon of the Kahiltna GlacierThe Horizon of the Kahiltna Glacier
    Mt FrancesMt Frances
    Henry Keeping Cool on the KahiltnaHenry Keeping Cool on the Kahiltna
    The Long HaulThe Long Haul

    Section 2 - 7,500' Camp to 9,500' Camp

    Denali W Buttress Route - Section 2
    Blown off course . . .Blown off course . . .
    Blown off course . . .Hitching a ride
    The Group on Ski HillThe Group on Ski Hill
    High on the KahiltnaHigh on the Kahiltna
    Mark and John leading the way on Ski HillMark and John leading the way on Ski Hill
    Kahiltna Dome seen from Ski HillKahiltna Dome seen from Ski Hill
    Mt Hunter looming over the KahiltnaMt Hunter looming over the Kahiltna
    Sunset over Kahiltna DomeSunset over Kahiltna Dome

    Section 3 - 9,500' Camp to 11,000' Camp

    Denali W Buttress Route - Section 3
    Mt Hunter from the Kahiltna at 9,800 ftMt Hunter from the Kahiltna at 9,800 ft
    11k Camp and the West Buttress11k Camp and the West Buttress
    Kahiltna DomeKahiltna Dome

    Section 4 - 11,000' Camp to 14,000' Camp

    Denali W Buttress Route - Section 4
    Mt Hunter and the Kahiltna PeaksMt Hunter and the Kahiltna Peaks
    Rush Hour on Motorcycle HillRush Hour on Motorcycle Hill
    Gang at the Top of Motorcycle HillGang at the Top of Motorcycle Hill
    Squirrel HillSquirrel Hill
    The Polo Field and Windy CornerThe Polo Field and Windy Corner
    Foraker in the CloudsForaker in the Clouds
    Foraker at Windy CornerForaker from Windy Corner
    Windy CornerWindy Corner
    The Polo Field Near Windy CornerThe Polo Field Near Windy Corner
    Looking down Squirrel HillLooking down Squirrel Hill
    Cornice ManiaCornice Mania
    Mt Foraker and CloudsMt Foraker and Clouds
    Surreal Lighting at the 11k CampSurreal Light at 11k Camp
    Panorama above 14k CampPanorama above 14k Camp

    Section 5 - 14,000' Camp to 17,000' Camp

    Denali W Buttress Route - Section 5
    Mt Hunter at 14k CampHunter from the 14k Camp
    Headwall of the West ButtressHeadwall of the West Buttress
    Layout of the 14k CampLayout of the 14k Camp
    The Fixed Lines on theWest ButtressThe Fixed Lines on theWest Buttress
    Mt Hunter and the Kahiltna Peaks seen from the 14k CampMt Hunter and the Kahiltna Peaks seen from the 14k Camp
    Looking Refreshed for the Next CacheLooking Refreshed for the Next Cache
    Mt Foraker at 14kMt Foraker at 14k
    Retrieving the 16,200 ft CacheRetrieving the 16,200 ft Cache
    Ascending the ridge of the West ButtressAscending the ridge of the West Buttress
    Gridlock on the Washburn ThumbGridlock on the Washburn Thumb
    Approaching 17,200 Approaching 17,200'
    Resting at 17kResting at 17k
    Mt Hunter in the cloudsMt Hunter in the clouds
    View of Foraker from the Mess TentView of Foraker from the Mess Tent
    14k Camp Igloo14k Camp Igloo
    14k Camp Snowman14k Camp Snowman
    Clear view from 14kClear view from 14k
    Ready to go to 17kReady to go to 17k
    Sudden WhiteoutSudden Whiteout
    Ascending the West Buttress Above 16kAscending the West Buttress Above 16k
    The Top of the Washburn ThumbThe Top of the Washburn Thumb
    High in the CloudsHigh in the Clouds
    Catwalk on the West ButtressCatwalk on the West Buttress
    Upper Ridge of the West ButtressUpper Ridge of the West Buttress
    Climbers Silhouetted on the West ButtressClimbers Silhouetted on the West Buttress
    Climber On Top of the Washburn ThumbClimber On Top of the Washburn Thumb
    Mt Hunter Emerging from a Sea of CloudsMt Hunter Emerging from a Sea of Clouds
    West Buttress PanoramaWest Buttress Panorama
    West Rib PanoramaWest Rib Panorama

    Section 6 - 17,000' Camp to Summit

    Denali W Buttress Route - Section 6
    Denali Pass Seen from My TentDenali Pass Seen from My Tent
    Clouds Spill Through Kahiltna PassClouds Spill Through Kahiltna Pass
    Our Neighbor at 17kOur Neighbor at 17k
    What a View!What a View!
    What a View!What a View!
    Foraker and a Beam of LightForaker and a Beam of Light
    Windy Corner Pierced by SunshineWindy Corner Pierced by Sunshine
    Mt Hunter from 17k CampMt Hunter from 17k Camp
    Accident Site on the AutobahnAccident Site on the Autobahn
    Rush Hour on the AutobahnRush Hour on the Autobahn
    The Autobah, Near Denali PassThe Autobahn, Near Denali Pass
    Cool Rocks Above Denali PassCool Rocks Above Denali Pass
    The Joys of High AltitudeThe Joys of High Altitude
    The Football Field and Pig HillThe Football Field and Pig Hill
    Serac on Pig HillSerac on Pig Hill
    Serac on Pig HillSerac on Pig Hill
    Mt Huntington in the CloudsMt Huntington in the Clouds
    Denali s Summit RidgeDenali's Summit Ridge
    Kahiltna Panorama from 17,200 ftKahiltna Panorama from 17,200 ft
    Panorama from Denali PassPanorama from Denali Pass
    Denali Pass PanoramaDenali Pass Panorama
    Panorama atop Pig HillPanorama Atop Pig Hill


    Descending the Summit RidgeDescending the Summit Ridge
    Looking Down Denali s Summit RidgeLooking Down Denali's Summit Ridge
    Victory BreakfastVictory Breakfast
    Descending the West ButtressDescending the West Buttress
    Me and ForakerMe and Foraker
    Ice Debris on the Peters GlacierIce Debris on the Peters Glacier
    Descending the Headwall to 14kDescending the Headwall to 14k
    Drudgeries of CookingDrudgeries of Cooking
    Gourmet ToastingGourmet Toasting
    Mt Hunter and CrevassesMt Hunter and Crevasses
    Cornices Above Motorcycle HillCornices Above Motorcycle Hill
    Descending through the CloudsDescending through the Clouds
    Kahiltna Peak seen fromKahiltna Peak
    The Northeast Fork (a.k.a. Valley of Death)The Northeast Fork (a.k.a. Valley of Death)
    Meltwater Pools in the Kahiltna GlacierMeltwater Pools in the Kahiltna Glacier
    The Kahiltna GlacierThe Kahiltna Glacier
    The Kahiltna GlacierThe Kahiltna Glacier
    Strahan s Sweet RideStrahan's Sweet Ride
    Me in My Sweet Get-upMe in My Sweet Get-up
    The West Buttress from 11kThe West Buttress from 11k

    Graphs & Other Such Fun

    Denali s West Buttress - Annotated Topo MapTopo Map of the West Buttress Route

    Denali Gear ListGear List
    Denali Food ListFood List
    Denali Trip CostsCosts
    Denali Ascent ProfileAscent Profile
    Denali Ascent RateAscent Rate
    World High PeaksWorld High Peaks


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    gimpilator - Jan 3, 2009 9:35 pm - Voted 10/10

    That's the stuff!

    This is the most exciting collection of images I've seen in a long time. I think you bumped Denali up a few notches on my to-do list. Congratulations on your awesome success!



    makhavi - Jun 26, 2016 10:37 pm - Hasn't voted

    Denali Pics

    I was looking for you and came across these photos.
    Amazing gallery-inspiring -awesome!!
    Moe in Berkeley -we did Rainier in 2008
    Please call -Text me 510-501-1193

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