Dennis Poulin is just the best kind of person you can ever hike or climb with.
I met Dennis when he joined Bob Bolton and I on Bob's last two county highpoints in Oregon and he's become one of the best friends I've ever had. We've done numerous trips together and visited the tops of probably a hundred peaks during our travels. Even our vehicles are lookalikes, both silver Toyota tacomas with similar canopy tops.

This pic is somewhat atypical of some of the peaks we've done together, Chiricahau Peak in Arizona, but the area is burned trees and not much to look at. Dennis did the Grand Teton, Gannett Peak, Granite Peak and Cloud Peak back to back to back to back, a heckofa effort this summer. He got Denali last year so he is a very capable climber

The spot Dennis is sitting on is the highest spot on Chiricahua Peak and a fire razed the area a couple years before our visit. To the right of Dennis you can see the red can that houses the register and to the right of it the Benchmark. Now, the rock that the Benchmark is on has been "locked" into place by a long bolt as prior to that, the whole rock was moveable.


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