Descent off western side of the Beaver

This photo shows the downclimb/rappel off the western side of the Beaver. It starts at the upper left. Where the solid line turns dashed is where you head left under the rock rib just visible. (the dashed line also indicates you are behind the rock in the center foreground) The first red 'X' is where you can setup a rappel station behind the rock flake, or if comfortable enough, start downclimbing low class 5 rock. You'll want enough rope to do a full 50m rappel (two ropes) otherwise you'll be downclimbing the lower part.

The middle section is loose choss, so be careful. The lower-right red 'X' is a good spot for a second rappel station and then follow the lower yellow line down to easy ground in Keplinger's Couloir.

4 September 2006.


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