Desert Wildflower Bloom – Death Valley National Park

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Desert Wildflower Bloom – Death Valley National Park
Created On: Apr 2, 2013
Last Edited On: Apr 2, 2013

Chasing Desert Blooms in 2005, Part I

Spring brings blooms of desert wildflowers in Southern California and the quality of the blooms depends upon a number of factors.  2005 was a very good year for such blooms, and even saw the creation of a temporary lake in Death Valley due to very unusual rainfall.  This is one of three albums of photographs of desert wildflowers I took in the Spring of 2005 chasing such blooms. All of the pictures in this album were taken in Death Valley National Park, and something to remember is that the scenery you are looking at is usually an area of desert without much growing.  Because this is an album for Death Valley, I have also included a picture of the lake in Death Valley, "Lake Badwater," just to provide some context for what an unusual year it was.  Indeed, the main reason I embarked upon bloom chasing trips this year was due to all of the publicity about it being a "once in a lifetime" year for rain and such blooms.


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Desert Wildflower Bloom – Death Valley National Park

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