Deserted Mount Elbert Lodge

Page Type Page Type: Hut/Campground
Location Lat/Lon: 39.11741°N / 106.44561°W
Additional Information County: United States
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 14443 ft / 4402 m

Haunted Ski Lodge

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Mt. Elbert Haunted Ski Lodge

  I'm glad you guys are reading one of my articles again. Well about Mount Elbert, on my last article we talked about climbing, and being prepared for the climb, well now I'm talking about Mt. Elbert again except this time I'm talking about the suspected Haunted Lodge about a mile up the trail to the summit. The story says that in the winter of 1945 the Mt. Elbert Ski lodge was a place were people could come, and ski for the winter. Well one day, there was a man who was skiing along the ledge that surounds the summit, and he went to close to the edge of the ledge, and he slipped, and fell, about 200 feet down until he then fell smack on top of the lodge, then causing the roof to crack, and the part of the roof collapse, and he fell in. He died instantly on impact. His body was then taken, and buried in a cemetery which is unknown to me. About 4 years after the incident, the Lodge went bankrupt, and closed for good. The owners left, and didn't come back. So as I believe that the old LOdge is Haunted by his ghost. Some people like to believe in ghosts, and I do except some people don't which I still respect their beliefs. So the old Lodge is on Mount Elbert in Leadville, Colorado, and its on the main Hiking trail. I hope you guys get a good look at it, and if you can send me a good picture of that ghost!  Thanks