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bigwally - Oct 24, 2006 1:48 am Date Climbed: Oct 23, 2006

October Climbing at Devils Tower  Sucess!

We scored a fine, warm day between snow storms. It was Kristine's first time to summit TWICE in a day. We did El Cracko Diablo and the Extended Weissner; a fine pair of 5.8's !!...and we had the rock to ourselves !!!!


dvsanbt - Oct 10, 2006 7:15 pm

July-Sept 2006 climbs

several routes climbed/attempted. tulgey wood, hollywood and vine, belle fourche buttress, mccarthy west face free var, walt bailey, dump watt, patent pending, broken tree, new wave, and el matador.

a 45-footer on belle fourche buttress was interesting, to say the least!

ladyrockstar - Sep 23, 2006 3:28 am Date Climbed: Jun 6, 2006

My Dream Summit on Devil's Tower  Sucess!

On June 6, '06, I finally realized my 34-year dream of standing on top of the Devil's Tower. Frank Sanders guided me up Hollywood and Vine to the top, just in time to watch the sunset, and we went down in the light of the nearly-full moon, making it the biggest event of my entire life! Thank you, Frank, for a dream-come-true!


bigwally - Jul 11, 2006 5:31 pm Date Climbed: Jul 11, 2006

A Supurb Season at Devils Tower  Sucess!

It is continuing to be a Super Season at Devils Tower. Climbers of all abilities and from many different states (including the State of Confusion) and many different countries have visited and Experienced the Power of the Tower.

June was Super !!! Many Climbers came to Praise and Worship and Demonstrate that this Tower is Sacred to MANY Cultures. We Hope that You were one of them !! I climbed 20 days during the month, sharing the Power of the Tower with dozens of folks, Much to their JOY !!! We had numerous Sunset/Moonrise Celebrations atop the Tower, which increased both our Energies and Thankfulness!!

Brother Nate and i established 2 New Routes (on Northwest Corner and Southwest Face...mostly aid...) with Great Joy. The Southwest Face Route Experience will stay in my Heart for the longest time. We started up the route at 7 p.m., climbed through the night with headlamps, and summitted the next afternoon. The route itself (just right of CENTENNIAL) was of marginal quality, but the Experience of Enjoying a full Wyoming night, with the stars screaming (and no wind), stuck to the side of the Tower,gave me a new perspective on my Life (Looking forward to doing it again,...and again...)!!!

I was Blessed with Experiencing a Full Day of Praise and Worship on June 15. Starting at 7:30 a.m. I climbed all day, free-solo, roped-solo and some with a partner. A short afternoon break allowed me to greet some of our B&B guests. A late afternoon/evening climbing session was Wonderfully full of shade and coolness. Arriving back at home at midnight, I had Topped the Tower 16 times, purged my Soul, filled my Heart and sung my Songs of Gratitude. A Unique Experience in my Life. It could only have been better if YOU were along.

The season is moving along, each day, one day shorter. I Hope that You take the Time to come for a visit. There is soooo much to do !!! Old routes, new routes, familiar routes and always challenging routes await for all comers. The Power of the Tower is STRONG !! I watch it change Lives for the Larger and Better nearly everyday !!! Come and Experience it for Yourself. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS.

Mountain Jim

Mountain Jim - Jul 10, 2006 5:11 pm Date Climbed: May 28, 1988

Durrance Route  Sucess!

Great climb. Total ascents = 2.


rockrat2 - Jun 20, 2006 2:46 am

Durrance Route  Sucess!

Route seemed a little polished from so much traffic and was hotter than hell in July. Otherwise great climb, great scenery. Can't wait to do it again, next time in cooler weather.


dvsanbt - May 29, 2006 8:21 pm

May 2006 climbs  Sucess!

Several routes - New Wave, Assembly Line, Fritz's Fantasy, Broken Tree, and Soler. Assembly Line is awesome. One sustained pitch with good jams (fingers and hands) and great gear. Got my 'say no to
crack' friend hooked on cracks with Assembly Line.


bigwally - Apr 12, 2006 5:50 am Date Climbed: Mar 28, 2006

Spring Has Sprung at Devils Tower  Sucess!

The Notorious John Walker came out to the Tower today. A bit nippy in the morning so we didn't leave the parking lot until 10 a.m. However, we found the rock to be warm, welcoming and even encouraging. We climbed El Cracko, Soler, Tad and Walt Bailey Memorial. Dear John was ready to call it a day, but I brought my age to bear by alerting him to the fact that I was about halfway through my 6th decade and ready for another, so we did Bon Homme to finish out the day and retired to the Lodge by 5:30......Yes, I was quite Happy.....and quite Sore the next day.....but please don't let John know. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS.


NanitaD - Feb 24, 2006 5:01 am Date Climbed: May 30, 1992

Route Climbed:Durrance  Sucess!

I was warned that the Durrance crack was the most difficult part of the route so I was pumped to do it. It was a stretch for me to stem and at one point and at another point I had to ask my partner to hold me on the rope so I could shake my arms out. However, I made it up Durrance just fine only to struggle on an easier chimney pitch above it. Then I caught a leader fall when my partner slipped climbing across the thin "Jump Traverse". The top is amazing...with the same look and feel of the terrain below. Breath-taking repels!


patb4365 - Feb 23, 2006 8:51 pm Date Climbed: Jun 19, 1993

Route Climbed: Durrance Date Climbed: 6/19/1993  Sucess!

With my great friend Steve Smith. This was my second attempt. We were having so much fun climbing that we kept going straight up instead of traversing over to the right to follow the normal route.


SawtoothSean - Jan 4, 2006 10:11 pm Date Climbed: Sep 15, 2003

Route Climbed: Durrance Date Climbed: September 15, 2003  Sucess!

Hot day, but fun climbing. Summit was infested with tiny little bugs everywhere. I did this climb and then drove over and trail ran Harney Peak (South Dakota's highpoint) on the same long day.

spidy21 - Dec 1, 2005 5:55 pm

Route Climbed: Durrance Date Climbed: Labor Day '05  Sucess!

My first multi-pitch. It's pretty cool have visited the Tower when I was a little kid (before I started climbing), and had seen rock climbers on it and thought that was so cool, but didn't really think I could be a climber. And now here I am a little older, climbing it.


alpinedan - Nov 15, 2005 10:47 am

Route Climbed: Durrance Route Date Climbed: august 2000  Sucess!

great climb

wyomountaineer - Nov 8, 2005 4:55 pm

Route Climbed: Durrance Date Climbed: September, 1995  Sucess!

Labor Day weekend. It was extremely hot, we were extremely slow, and did not take near enough water. Made for a long day. Oh, and there were flying, biting, ants on the summit.


outofstep80 - Oct 17, 2005 11:06 am

Route Climbed: Durrance Date Climbed: June, 4, 2005  Sucess!

Didn't plan to climb in June. We were continually rainned out towards the end of May. Climbed with my sister and her fiancay and I must say it was an excellent experience. I can't wait to get my self onto some more multi-pitch routes.


althegreek - Sep 27, 2005 5:23 pm

Route Climbed: durrance Date Climbed: september 2002  Sucess!

great fun. regret taking a pack with me.


GlennMerrill - Sep 20, 2005 6:51 am

Route Climbed: Durrance Date Climbed: Sept 2005  Sucess!

The weather looked like it might rain so we had packs. Taking packs up the Durrance route was a mistake.

Lots of outwidths and chimneys. Probably not the best route to top, but doable for novice climbers.


tdoughty - Sep 4, 2005 9:21 pm

Route Climbed: Soler Date Climbed: August 2001  Sucess!

Great route, with Frank. Why did it take me so long to get to this corner of the state? well worth the effort!


desainme - Aug 5, 2005 4:14 pm

Route Climbed: Teachers Lounge Date Climbed: August 2, 2005

I spent a day at the Devils Tower Lodge and wish to thank our host, Frank Sanders, for his warm hospitality and great climbing at the Tower. I did the Teachers Lounge on the North side of the the Devils Tower, climbing with the estimable Jaap Pierse, the crack is said to be a 5.3. The ledge affords great views of the Belle Fourche Valley, Devils Tower Lodge and the entrance to the mounument.


dvsanbt - Jul 7, 2005 5:40 pm

Route Climbed: pseudo/extended weissner Date Climbed: july 2, 2005  Sucess!

summited via standard meadows thrash after climbing pseudo/extended weissner. realized that i am not a fan of offwidth/squeeze chimney, but the pitch below that was fun.

the next day, climbed the first pitch of el matador to have a up close and personal look at 'The Pitch'. also climbed the first pitch of mccarthy north face (a long pitch, start the belay as high as you can up the slabs). both these first pitches are great climbs in their own right (or, in other words, i can't yet lead the second pitch of either climb :)

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