Die Hexe Trail

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Hesse, Germany, Europe
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Hike (Class 1-2)
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Half a day

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Die Hexe Trail
Created On: Jul 22, 2004
Last Edited On: Jul 22, 2004


This trailhead is located on the northwestern side of Hoherodskopf south of the town of Bobenhausen. Head up the hillside to the south of town into the summer-houses and the trailhead is at the very end of the road.

Route Description

This route is a round-trip of six miles and shouldn't take you a half a day, but it'll definately take you more than two hours. Die Hexe is a volcanic outcropping of rock which shoots straight out of the side of the mountain. Translated, Die Hexe means "The Witch". The origin of the name is not totally evident. One of the stories is that a witch used to live close to the area and that's how it got its' name. I also thought of the possibility of the rocks forming the profile of a witch, but I couldn't make it out. Use your imagination. There aren't really any views from the top, but it is a fun climb. The route heads through some very dark pine covered forests and up the northern slopes of Hoherodskopf. You'll pass through beautiful meadows with wonderful views that extend in all directions. The route is very easy to follow and easy class 1 hiking until you get to Die Hexe which is reached after 3.7 miles of hiking. Die Hexe is a large rock outcropping that shoots straight out of the forest floor on Hoherodskopf. The climb to the top covers nearly one hundred feet from the base of the outcropping. I put this as a class 2 category hike, but it all depends on the route you take to the top. There is a steep ridge to the north that shoots all the way to the top. That ridge is the recommended route for the easiest climb. The climb is fun and just out of the woods below Die Hexe are some wonderful views in all directions.

Essential Gear

Comfortable shoes and snacks. Depending on the climb of Die Hexe you may want technical gear.

Miscellaneous Info

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Die Hexe Trail

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