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Location Lat/Lon: 30.54334°N / 50.78979°E


It is a rural area ao about 25 Km far from Gachsaran, one of three oil sites of Iran. Its elevation is higher than Gachsaran so it is almost 8-10 degrees of Centigrades cooler than gachsaran. In Feb and Mar, like all the south, it has really pleasant and its garden's green colour welcome you.

Getting There

although gachsaran has an airport, it's just for oil employees. so if you wanna fly there you have to tale a flight to shiraz or yasuj. then come to gachsaran by bus/car. than ask anyone about Dil, they will tell you. It's Gachsarani's favorite camping place.

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Although people will welcome you, there is no hotel in Dil rural area but hotel pasargad in gachsaran will host you if you like hotel.