Dinah-Mo Peak

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Oregon, United States, North America
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Dinah-Mo Peak
Created On: Jul 25, 2005
Last Edited On: Feb 25, 2012


I’d seen Dinah-Mo Peak before only from Bear Point looking east. It didn’t get my attention until I saw it from Adventure Ridge. It’s a mound of rock located at the extreme edge of the South Fork North Fork Breitenbush River canyon. The western side is loose rockslides and trees. The north end from base to summit is about 1000’. The south end is only about 500’ from base to summit. The eastern face though, falls 2000’ from the summit to the river canyon below. The views from the summit are awesome. Jefferson is in your face. Park Ridge & Adventure Ridge area is spectacular this time of year. The valleys between are green and flowered.

Dinah-Mo Peak was named in 1985 to commemorate Dinah Beth Ross. She was a resource specialist and taught for the Multnomah County Outdoor Education Program. She moved to Breitenbush Hot Springs where she became the assistant business manager and led many wilderness hiking and X-country ski tours. She was killed in an automobile accident Sept. 9th 1983 She was only 28 years old...

This hike is especially recommended because of its views of a seemingly untouched area. There are several lookout points on the summit of Dinah-Mo Peak.

The south ridge scramble is a short 500' climb through alpine vegatation and small rock outcroppings.

Getting There

There is a couple of “not so difficult” ways to get to the base of Dinah-Mo Peak. One way is via Adventure Ridge starting at Bear Point. Follow the ridge Southeast for about 1.25 miles, then start your descent to the valley below. Another way is to summit Park Ridge, hop onto Adventure ridge and head Northwest for about 1.5 miles before dropping down into the valley at the southern base of Dinah-Mo. NOTE: "Getting There" is 3/4 the fun!

Red Tape

Dinah-Mo Peak is in the Jefferson Wilderness so a permit is required. A better reason is because you'll be in a remote place where there are no trails. You can pick one up at most Trailheads. Use the "Leave no trace" rules.

When To Climb

Most of the trailheads will not be accessible till mid to late June. Dinah-Mo Peak would be hard to get to via snowshoes from the trailhead. I'd recommend this hike in summer & fall.


There are some lovely spots near the Fire Camp Lakes (Crown & Clagget) Leave no trace...

Mountain Conditions

Detroit Ranger Station 503-854-3366

Miscellaneous Info

No cell phone reception at the summit...

Dinah-Mo Peak

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