Dinaric Alpes-NP Sutjeska

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Dinaric Alpes-NP Sutjeska
Created On: Sep 23, 2011
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NP Sutjeska/War Monument

The Sutjeska National Park (pronounced [sûtjɛska]) is a national park located in south- east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the recent years became part of Republika Srpska entity. Established in 1962, it is Bosnia and Herzegovina 's oldest national park. It includes the highest peak of Maglić at over 2,386 metres (7,828 ft), on the border with Montenegro. The Montenegrin part of Maglić massif in the park has also formed the Trnovačko Jezero (Trnovačko Lake). The Strict Nature Reserve “Perućica”, one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe, is part of the park. The park is also famous as being the location of the Battle of the Sutjeska in 1943 during World War II. It is an affiliated member of EUROPARC Federation.

Getting There

The hiker goes over Suha Jezerina-Monte Negro

The park is accessible throughout most of the year but with some restrictions during part of the winter. It is accessible by road from Sarajevo–110 kilometres (68 mi) and Dubrovnik, Croatia–142 kilometres (88 mi). The connecting highway is Belgrade-Visegrad-Herceg Novi. Trebinje-Foca road passes along the canyon walls through thick forests leading to the park. The valley opens at the northern edge of the park.[12] Foča city, near the border with Montenegro, is 20 kilometres (12 mi) away from the park and the nearest town is Mratinje. Bosnia and Herzegovina's highest peak, Maglić Mountain, directly on the border with Montenegro, presents a challenging climb for even experienced hikers. Zelengora mountain is popular with hikers and there are several newly renovated mountain huts on the mountain slopes. Tara River is noted for white water rafting.

Red Tape

Suha Jezerina valley/NP Sutjeska-Montenegro

Despite the 1990-ties Bosnia civilwar,this area is completely clean from mines,because the war never came to these mountaines.It´s absolutely safe to hike,climbe or mountaineer in these areas.

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Maglic king of mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the nearby Sutjeska river valley or Tjentiste valley,which is a part of National Park of Sutjeska exists good condition for overnightning.There is a moddest hotel Mladost which provides basic accomodation as food, rooms and bads for mountaineers.If you want a camp so it´s free to camp on the surroundings mountaines.

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Primeval forrest of Perucica-NP Sutjeska (Bosnia&Herzegovina)
What a view
Volujak massive 2
Trnovacko Lake in sunshine