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Some Numbers

I was digging around on-line trying to figure out the distance, slopes, and vertical gains of the Disappointment Clever Route on Rainer and below is what I came up with. I thought it was useful information to share.


Paradise Parking Lot: 5420'

Camp Muir: 10,080'

Crater Rim: 14,180'

Rainier Peak: 14,411'


From Paradise to Camp Muir is about 4.25 miles. From Camp Muir to the Peak is about 4.75 miles.

If you break the climb into sections the steepest average section, on the second half (muir to summit) is 36 degrees (3035 vertical feet / mile). In comparison the steepest average section on the first half is 18 degrees (1680 vertical feet/ mile).

In comparison a black diamond run at a ski resort is about 3000 vertical feet per mile (35 degrees). The last quarter mile of Everest Ridge on Timp ( is about 4300 vertical feet per mile (54 degrees), and the first half mile of Everest Ridge ( is about 30 degrees.


Times will vary based on physical fitness, weight of pack, weather, time of year, and the number of people on the mountain, but I've seen 5.5 hours mentioned for the time to reach camp muir in July. Also I've read 6.5 hours to summit from Muir, and four hours to descend to Muir in July.

Temperatures in July

At Paradise it likely will be in the Sixties Fahrenheit.

At camp Muir anticipate temps around freezing at night, and possibly high Forties Fahrenheit during the day.

Once above 12,000 feet expect temps below freezing (32 F) all day.

In July the average high on the summit is 32 degrees (the freezing point), and the average low is 15 F (-10 C).


The park service provides these two maps with bearings:

Paradise Routes:
Muir Snowfield Bearing Sheet:

In case of a white out, having the bearings and knowing how to use them with a compass could be extremely helpful. As such these maps are worth printing and taking along.

Have fun, and be prepared.

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