Dividing Canyon

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Dividing Canyon
Created On: Oct 2, 2006
Last Edited On: Mar 5, 2007

Route Description

From the parking spot, you will see a prominent road to the northeast climbing up out of Dividing Canyon. Start heading for the road. You will have to cross a fence line in the process, but it was lying on the ground at the spot we crossed it. This may be private land, but we didn’t see any signs. You will have to descend to the bottom of Dividing Canyon, which is at an elevation of 4,600'. As you descend, you will probably reach a road that descends into the canyon. Descend the road into the bottom of the canyon, then start climbing up the road on the other side. Head east up the road towards Goldwater Tank, which is located at about 5,170'. The BLM map shows public land here, but we didn’t see any fences or signs.

Continue following the road as it passes Goldwater Tank and turns to the right. About a ½-mile past Goldwater Tank, the road tops out at the base of the west ridge. Turn left here off the road and start climbing up the west ridge of Mohon Peak. This is just north of CS Canyon shown on the topo map. You basically want to head for Point 6406. However, instead of climbing up and over it, you may want to traverse around it, otherwise you will lose 50' of elevation. There are some small rock outcroppings that you may have to scramble over further up, and the brush gets a little thicker as you near the top. Continue on to the summit of Mohon Peak, where you can enjoy the views. There is an abandoned antenna on top. We only crossed one fence along the entire route, and we saw nothing that indicated public or private land. However, access may change if the housing development ever gets going.

Hiking Distance: About 11 miles round trip.
Elevation Gain: About 3,100'.


Dividing Canyon

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