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Location Lat/Lon: 46.38054°N / 14.25343°E
Additional Information Elevation: 5360 ft / 1634 m
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Geographical structure: Eastern Alps > Kamnik Alps> Dobrca

Dobrca (Dobrtcha) is the southest part of mountains near Stol and the western part of mountains near Storzic. It is some kind of stand-allone summit between the cities of Trzic and Begunje. We have a specially nice view on this hill from Bled, one of the beautifull hollidays destinations in Slovenia.
Geologically, this mountain is a part of Kamnik Alps, but because of the valley with small river (Trziska Bistrica) between, You can have an idea, that Dobrca is also a Part of Karavanke.
From the summit of Dobrca in direction North, you will find also two smaller summits (Sivora – 1317m and Cisovec – 1418m) before you rich a saddle Preval (1311m), where the ridge of Begunjscica starts (already a part of Karavanke).
On the southern side of Dobrca we have Kranj valley with very fetile fields about 400 meters above the sea level.

Getting There

On the southern foothills of Dobrca a good road from Trzic to Begunje runs, and from villages on this road there are the most popular approaches to the summit. (Trzic, Brezje, Hudi Graben, Slatna).
The most popular trailhead is Brezje. When we come from the central part of Slovenia (Kranj, Ljubljana), the best way is to Trzic and in Trzic we take the road for Begunje.
When we come from the western part (Jesenice) we can take the same way or also a opposite direction through Begunje via Trzic.
To Trzic and Begunje we can travel also by bus. With train the best location is Kranj, where we take a bus to Trzic.
The nearest airport: Brnik (Ljubljana).

Red Tape

Is no limitation.

Routes Overview

Routes to summit:

From Trzic (the best one when You come with bus)

From Bistrica (You can choose direction Brezje or via Hudi Graben and Bistriska planina)

From Brezje (the most common route)

From Hudi Graben

From Slatna (near Begunje)

From Preval (from north side)

When To Climb

All times of season. For climb in snowing conditions You should have appropriate equiipment.


Koca na Dobrci - Montain hut "Dobrca" (1478m)
Beds: 18
Tel: +386 41 654 414
Open: 15.06.-15.09 non-stop; 16.09-14.-06- Saturday, Sunday, hollidays

Camp Podljubelj, Trzic (50 places)
Tel: +386 70 311 304
Open: 15.06.-15.09.

Sport hotel Koren
Podljublej 297, Trzic
Tel: +385 4 596 22 75

Apartmaji LADKA
Zgoša 57, Begunje
Tel: +386 4 533 31 04 0r +386 31 648 531

BLED accomondation: see also web side

Miscellaneous Info

Vid: It's unusual, but officially Kamnik Alps begin on the West just above Zirovnica, almost at Jesenice town. The ridge, which separates Zavrsnica valley with Gorenjska plane is vely low. It starts on the West with Mali vrh, 863m and continues over a few bumps to Smokuski vrh, 1122m. Actually between Draga valley and Zavrsnica valley there are some more hills, covered with woods, which are not important for mountaineering. But the ridge from Zavrsnica to Smokuski vrh and further to Sv. Peter church is a very nice hike, requiring on some places also easy climbing. In winter 2005 we had quite some problems to do it and I remember it as a nice, panoramic tour.

  • This description in Slovenian language, printable in pdf file is available here.

  • Opis te ture, v pdf obliki, primerni za izpis in v slovenskem jeziku, se nahaja tukaj.

    External Links

    • BLED accomondation
      Informations about Bled, one of the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. From Beld is very nice look to Dobrca.

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