Dobri Do route

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Zabljak county, Montenegro, Europe
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Marked Path, Hike, some easy Rock Climbing
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Most of a day
Hike with some easy Rock Climbing

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Created On: Aug 24, 2004
Last Edited On: Feb 9, 2007

About Route

Trailhead of the route is on the northern edge of Dobri Do, large undulating pasture on the south of central part of Durmitor. Route begins on the Zabljak – Sedlo pass – Trsa road, which is mostly macadam, 3km from Sedlo pass in Trsa direction (west) and 15km from Zabljak. More about how to get to Sedlo pass and southern Durmitor approaches see on Sedlo pass route page.

This is shortest Bobotov Kuk approach although it begins on 1722m, almost 200m lower than nearby Sedlo pass. It leads through two picturesque former glacial basins: Urdeni Do and Mlijecni Do. Urdeni Do is mostly covered by juicy grass so it is quite usual to meet cattle on pasture here. Mlijecni Do is at least 100m above (they are separated by steep step) so rocks slowly take over the grass territory. On top of Mlijecni Do, close to Zeleni Vir lake, this route joins Sedlo pass route. Although beautiful and bit shorter I still strongly recommend Sedlo route over this one, between the two southern routes, at least for the first time visit.

Dobri Do – Urdeni Do – Mlijecni Do – Zeleni Vir lake – Bobotov Kuk: 2.30h

Section 1) Dobri Do – Urdeni Do – Mlijecni Do – Zeleni Vir
Section 2) Zeleni Vir – Velika Privija pass – Bobotov Kuk

Section 1) Dobri Do – Urdeni Do – Mlijecni Do – Zeleni Vir: 1h

Near the trailhead few cars can park by the road. Immediately above it path leads steeply over the green grassy slope. After only few minutes path goes through the passage and enters Urdeni Do. Large oval green basin opens in front of you. It is lower ‘floor’ of former glacial valley through which glacier stretched from the southern foot of Bobotov Kuk towards the basin of Dobri Do. Bottom of Urdeni Do is strewn with huge boulders, fortunately path doesn’t go down but traverses grassy western slopes of Vjetrna Brda (2231m) (right of the bottom). Left above the valley are cliffs of Stit (2248m). In front, above the green barrier that separates Urdeni from higher Mlijecni Do, cliffs of Djevojka (2440m) tower. Behind them, even higher, is your goal; highest peak of Durmitor Bobotov Kuk (2522m).

Behind the passage path descends a bit then continues to ascend gradually. You leave the bottom on the left and reach the foot of the barrier after some 10mins. Path now ascends steeply over the grassy slope and between some rocks. In some 10mins you are on top of first step in the barrier. Behind is beautiful view upon Urdeni Do. On top of step is similar narrow passage, like on the entrance. From the passage path descends a bit, to the bottom of small depression, till it hits second part of the ascent. It leads through narrow gorge which is steep. In some 10mins you are on the pass or narrow passage at the lowest point of the barrier and on the edge of Mlijecni Do, 30mins from the road. Cliffs of Djevojka are much closer now while Bobotov Kuk disappeared behind them. Right of Djevojka are Lucin Vrh (2396m) and Minin Bogaz (2387m). Left above are fantastic Zeleni Pasovi, green layers on the eastern side of Stit (2248m). Between it and Djevojka is narrow Samar pass (2075m). Over it marked path connects Skrka valley with Zeleni Vir junction.

Behind the passage path descends a bit, then goes gradually towards right, traversing the slopes right above the bottom of Mlijecni Do. Terrain is now predominantly rocky with some grass between the rocks and large boulders. After some 10mins ascent begins again as you have to surmount one more 100m high barrier which separates Mlijecni Do from higher Zeleni Vir lake basin. You are on top of it after 15mins. Fantastic view of Zeleni Pasovi layers on wide Stit (2248m) peak spreads behind.

In next 5mins over the rocks marks reach junction where it joins Sedlo pass route that comes from right. From the road you needed 1h. In front is beautiful amphitheater of cliffs formed by the sides of Lucin Vrh (2396m) and Minin Bogaz (2387m), right are picturesque Zupci (2309m).

Before continuing towards Bobotov Kuk visit Zeleni Vir Lake and refresh in its cold water. On the northern shore, between the rocks just above the lake, is also water source.

Section 2) Zeleni Vir – Velika Privija – Bobotov Kuk: 1.30h

On the junction you are at the foot of Cista Lica (clear face), 320m high barrier below Velika Privija pass (2351m) and 500m below the summit. Barrier is placed between steep and high cliffs of Djevojka (2440m) on the left and Lucin Vrh (2396m) on the right. On top of it is Bobotov Kuk (2522m) and pass.

Over the steep scree path soon reaches the barrier and surmounts the first steep step through narrow gully. Above it path continues steep ascent over the rock till next steep step. Again it is surmounted through a gully. On top of it steepest part of the climb to the pass is below you. Views spread with every step and are already fantastic towards south. Above is steep scree or grassy slope with occasional steeper rocky jumps. Path zigzags relentlessly. After a while you reach large green grassy slope that stretches all the way to the pass. Over it, in numerous zigzags, after 1h of steep ascending from the Zeleni Vir lake, you’ll reach Velika Privija pass (2351m). From it beautiful view opens upon the huge Valoviti Do basin, which is strewn with huge boulders and snow remain, and quite different northern side of Durmitor. Further behind is green Jezerska Povrs plateau and the canyon of Tara river. It takes 2.30h from Sedlo pass to get here. On the pass is junction where from north Zabljak route approaches. If you are crossing Durmitor you’ll use it on the descent but first Bobotov Kuk is on the menu and it is left.

Path ascends over the scree along the southern foot of summit pyramid of Bobotov Kuk. Its summit is not visible. After 10mins probably most spectacular view one can find on Durmitor opens in front of you! You are on the narrow pass between Djevojka (2440m) on the left and Bobotov Kuk (2522m) on the right, at the edge of huge face formed by the western faces of these peaks. Their verticals are lost in the depths deep below your feet, below them are immense scree slopes and amazing green Skrka valley with its two beautiful blue lakes and mighty but gentle green Prutas (2393m) peak left of the lakes. Mountaineers named the pass Skrcki Pogled or the view of Skrka. Don’t worry, even when one knows how fantastic view opens from this spot surprise is still complete.

From the small pass path continues horizontally for a minute or two, using narrow grassy shelf in the western face of Bobotov Kuk. This is magnificent section, on the left is nothing but 700m of air above Skrka valley Then it turns right and ascends steeply over the rock, use of hands is necessary. Then again goes right using narrow shelf. Once on the southern shoulder of the peak marks turn sharply left and soon you are on the summit of highest peak of Durmitor, 15min from the Skrcki Pogled pass, 1.30h from Zeleni Vir lake, 2.30h from Dobri Do.