Dolge stene

Page Type Page Type: Route
Location Lat/Lon: 46.35380°N / 14.54195°E
Additional Information Route Type: Mountaineering, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Rock Difficulty: Class 3
Additional Information Difficulty: UIAA I+
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Rating the Route (By Hiking Standards)

0. General: 901 m (from the W) or 601 m (from the E) to 2558 m. Exposition south, on the ridge not marked, no path. Gear: good shoes, poles.

1. Effort: 1660 m, 4 h 30 min (from the W) or 1960 m, 5 h (from the E).

2. Power: 3 - medium

3. Psyche: 3 - medium

4. Orientation: 2 - easy


A self-made schematic map of...
Grintovec and its routes
The trailhead for this route starts on Kokrško sedlo (saddle), 1791 m, where Cojzova koča (hut) stands. It can be reached either from the W, from Suhadolnik farm above Kokra valley (in 2 h 15 min), or from the E, from the hut in Kamniška Bistrica (3 h). See the main page how to reach the saddle.

For more details how to reach Kokrško sedlo see the parent page!

Grintovec from SSE. November...Dolge stene is the long ridge on the right

Route Description

Skuta (and Struca on the...
Skuta from Dolge stene
The top of Grintovec from...
On Dolge stene ridge
From Kokrško sedlo you go northwards some 100 m of altitude. There the marked path for Grintovec deters left (NW), but you continue up (NE) towards the notch in Dolge stene ridge (1970 m). You follow marks for Skuta. Just before reaching the notch you deter from the path directly left up (N), over steep grassy and rocky slopes. Here you will hardly find a tiny path or old marks, but essentially you can't miss much. Keep right and take care not to go over harder rocks. Here no climbing is needed yet. So you reach the long and panoramic ridge of Dolge stene on the altitude of some 2050 m.

Now you follow the flat and easy ridge towards the NW. You go best just on top of it. The left slopes are grassy, while on the right there are vertical drops (stene=walls). On the altitude of some 2250 m the long and quite flat ridge gets steeper, we approach the summit ridge, which must be climbed.

The summit ridge of Grintovec...
The last part of the ridge
On the last grassy patches we pack poles and prepare to grasp the rock. We first ascend the ridge again, then keep left below it and reach a short ravine, go through it and then the sooner the better climb right on the main ridge again. If rocks get too hard, we simply keep left, on the southern side of the ridge. So we reach the roof of Grintovec just a few minutes below the highest point.



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