Dolomite Hill of Bristlecone Snags

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In the summer of 2006, a friend and I backpacked into a remote area of the White Mountains outside the Inyo National Forest, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Reserve. We had gotten up at dawn and hiked to this area of bristlecone pines, pinus longaeva, where I exposed this 4x5 sheet of Provia 100F transparency film with my 150mm Nikkor large format lens not long after sunrise while the light was still a bit warm in order to bring out richer tones in the beautiful wood. The blue sky that morning was already a deep blue with the air dry, cold, and so clear.

As a serious California photographer for nearly three decades, I have made the long lonely drive up into the White Mountains to visit these incredible living things ever since I first thumbed through an art book of images of this forest. The book was one of the first books well known photographer David Muench's produced.

The image is available on my below home page gallery as a 38x30 inch Lightjet fine art print. For additional information on this image see link.

David Senesac


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