Page Type: Trip Report
Date Climbed/Hiked: May 31, 2012
Activities: Mountaineering
Season: Spring

Mount Gould / Dragon Peak traverse

I've climbed Dragon Peak several times -- one of my favorite 'easy' mountains in the Sierra. I thought it might be cool to do the linkup of Dragon with Gould as the starting point, from Kearsarge Pass. I did this car to car in about ten hours, but I was deliberately leisurely in my pace, knowing I had plenty of time, and wanting to stay high to acclimatize on the first trip of the season.....

Wednesday May 31 2012. Solo linkup of Mt Gould (via Kearsarge Pass) and Dragon Peak. A great tandem climb, with a mile or more of high (12,000-12,500 foot) ridge running in between peaks! Descended East face of Dragon, past Dragon Lakes basin to Onion Valley. FIRST SIERRA ROUTE OF THE YEAR -- A DOUBLE! That final summit block of Dragon is always spectacular!!!!!!

I post videos of all my Sierra climbs on my YouTube page, 'High Sierra Climbing'. You can see full videos of the Gould/Dragon linkup here:


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