Duct Tape – How do you use it?

Duct Tape – How do you use it?

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Duct Tape – How do you use it?

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You perhaps have seen the movie Apollo 13 where Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris and Bill Paxton team up to save the ill-fated mission by improvising a carbon dioxide scrubber using spare parts and duct tape.

Duct tape was first used by the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II to keep ammunition cans sealed. It has also been used on at least two instances in space flight. In addition to its use on Apollo 13 duct tape was used on the Apollo 17 mission to repair a damaged fender of a lunar rover while on the moon.

Interestingly enough Wikipedia also mentions that duct tape can be used to immobilize an astronaut if they are experiencing “acute psychosis”.

Perhaps we will never need to restrain a psychotic climb team member and we will most likely never need to make a carbon dioxide scrubber from the spare parts in our climbing pack but we have improvised many repairs and fixes with duct tape that have certainly saved our day or climb.

There are tons of uses for Duct Tape. How has duct tape saved or made your trip better in the mountains?

Duct Tape Bandaids, thanks to stevepack for the link!

Please attach any photos with description of what the problem was and how the problem was solved using duct tape.

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MoapaPk - Sep 7, 2008 9:29 pm - Voted 10/10

no picture, but good story

A fellow once lost a boot in Red Rock, during a late-evening hike. Another hiker took out his insole, and duct-taped it to the foot of the shoeless hiker.


FlatheadNative - Sep 7, 2008 10:03 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: no picture, but good story

Thanks MP

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Arthur Digbee

Arthur Digbee - Sep 27, 2008 8:26 am - Voted 10/10

silly me

I should have used duct tape to fashion a hat out of my pants here. Next time!

Dmitry Pruss

Dmitry Pruss - Oct 4, 2008 2:34 pm - Hasn't voted

Two of the attached images

illustrate my duct tape adventures, but truth be told, I carry a bit of duct tape not for jerry-rigging any equipment. Its intended use is not photogenic at all ... it's to prevent blisters


FlatheadNative - Oct 4, 2008 3:32 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Two of the attached images

I carry it for the same reason. Also helps in a pinch with lots of other problems too.


mvs - Jan 28, 2009 7:14 am - Voted 10/10


I just noticed my friend with his duct-taped video camera on Mt. Slesse! Great page...

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