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Created On: Oct 28, 2006
Last Edited On: Oct 30, 2006

About me

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I've been climbing since I was born, I'm a 3'rd generation Climber & Backpacker. I have a half sister who her and I have spoken only a few times throughout our lives so I've considered myself an only child for the most part.
I have many cousins on both my Mother & Father’s side. Both parents came from huge family’s, I’m now the only one in my family who climbs to my knowledge, I’m also not very close with much of my family except for my Grandparents on my mothers side who I love dearly and hold them very close to my heart!
My mother passed away August 16’th 1995 in an accident from D.U.I and my niece who was barely 2 months old was killed in the accident as well, I recently lost my Uncle Ronnie as well who helped me grow a lot during our years together, he was a great man who unfortunately make some wrong choices in life and was in prison for a lot of my life.

My father Kelvin is all I have left he is my world though he and I do not express it to each other but maybe a few times a year. I love my father with every ounce of my existence. His new wife Goretti is a fabulous woman! Her and I had a very rough introduction to each other but have since (over the last 8 years) grown a small bond together, she makes my father the happiest man alive and even though she does not know it I love her very much for that. They are perfect for each other!

Throughout my life I have been through Gangs, Fights, Drugs and Alcohol. And to extremes of all of these, in the last few years I have really cleaned my act up and no longer pursue Drugs or Gangs. Beer is my vise but what the hell. Nobody’s perfect right?

Enough blah shit!
Onto the Photo’s and my recent climbs and adventures!


Summitpost Members I've Met

The first SP'rs I met were:
Aaron Johnson

Scott Patterson

We all met at Jose O'Shay's bar for a small SP get together
(I have a photo but we all look goofy in it!)

Since then DaveC and I have became good friends, He and I BBQ and BS often, he's awesome and glad to have met him!

I've also met and climbed with and or met:
We climbed Mount Evans for 4'th of July 2005 via the SnaveII Route. and had a good day out

Charlie and I climbed a bunch this season but had a big falling out over some bullshit and no long speak.

Mike is a great climbing partner and friend. he and I have done some awesome climbs together and have a blast ALMOST each and every time, when we first started climbing together the going was rough but he and I have since gotten more used to each others climbing styles and have some really fun ascents under our belts. I thoroughly enjoy climbing with this goof ball.

Martha I met recently, she came around really when I was down in the dumps over my uncle passing away. I met Martha over a beer up in the hills and can not wait until I am able to climb with her! She's a top notch lady, I always enjoy hearing from her and BS'ing from time to time. Truly a great person to know and I'm thankful to have met her.

Rebecca, Hmm... where do I start?
Rebecca Is hands down incredible. I wish I could post everything I want to regarding her but she's a person who when I stand on top of a mountain, crawl into my sleeping bag, breath fresh air or look towards the mountains. She is always on my mind. We did some great climbs this year together. I hope to climb with her again..... Some day....(sigh)

He and I met for about 5 minutes in Clear Creek Canyon. We did not speak a whole lot but he seems cool. I'd like to climb with him.

Tracy and I met very briefly up in Clear Creek Canyon, she's a cool lady!

Sp'rs I would like to meet and climb with

Everyone's guy they love to hate, Barry and I see 99% eye to eye on Politics and BS often. He's a cool Mo Fo! i'd like to climb with him some time soon

Henry Timmer AkA Climb Wild
Henry FUCKING ROCKS! me and that dude BS often and I'm hopefull to be able to make it out to Cali this year and hit Shasta with him.

Gangolf Haub
The dude just puts up awesome pages! how could you not want to climb with this guy? he knows his shit!

Dow Williams
Dow posts some of the most incredible Photo's I've ever seen! I would really enjoy seeing some of the views he's captured in his camera with my own eyes!

Kane? HAHAHA Post a photo of any spot in Colorado and the dude can tell you what it is, where it is, how to get there and probably what rock you sat your camera on to take the photo. He's just incredible with his knowledge of Colorado.

Need I say anything? the guy is a climbers climber! his pages blow my mind and his photo's of the Gasherbrums, K2 and other Himalayan peaks makes me dream of when I am able to visit and climb these places. I certainly hope I am able to climb with him some day!

Natural just loves life! I read his pages often and gladly vote 10's across the board. he's a solid submitter to SP and from what I know of him a top notch person

Just seems to be a hell of a climber!

John Bradford
Another local who posts great things on SP

Alan Ellis
Everyone who has spoken about Alan says he's just an awesome climber and great person

Craig is a fucking riot! he'd keep me drunk and laughing the whole climb!

Anita, (blush) she's cute!

Todd Caudle
Todd is a hell of a photographer, I would enjoy climbing with him some day

Brad Marshall
Brad has done some cool climbing!

Peter is a class act! the dude just makes me fucking laugh me ass off!, he's a way cool Drunk Summitposter! I'd like to meet him soon!

That Fucker! he's funny as hell he and i would be total ball busters on a climb.

Jason's a cool cat, we chat often. I'd like to meet him some day!

She's just a cool lady! we speak here and there

jared\Ariel are awesome! We are trying to put together a trip sometime next season, I really would like to climb with and meet them! they seem like great people who share similar interets as myself

Bryan Benn
Funny old goat! he'd keep me laughing my ass off the whole climb!

He's a cool guy, I'd like to climb with him some day

There are many others, I will post as my memory serves right. SP is full of quality folks that i'm glad I'm able to chat and BS with often.


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steste - Nov 3, 2006 8:13 pm - Voted 10/10

I like it....

.... even though I'm not in the number ! ;-))


DudeThatMustHurt - Nov 7, 2006 12:47 am - Hasn't voted

Re: I like it....

Thank you very much!


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