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athpal - Aug 22, 2005 6:27 am - Hasn't voted

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This summer the guides have set up a fixed rope from Dufourspitze, just a few meters below the summit. With the rope you can descent fast and almost easy in the saddle between Dufour and Nordend.


alpenkalb - Dec 10, 2005 4:36 am - Hasn't voted

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I think it is a shame that ropes are fixed almost everywhere. Where is then the challenge to climb a mountain and not just to hold a rope all day long?


mulidivarese - Jul 30, 2007 3:43 am - Hasn't voted


The ropes descend the Colouir on the north flank, just few meters after (or before) the top.
they are very convinient making the traverse much safer.
I guess that who is looking for a thrill on the mountians may just.....not use the tools located there to increase the safety.

Anyway with the ropes the descent is much better: no problem for the traffic on the normal way since almost all climb from the normal and descent by this way, faster, safer and easier to traverse to the Nordend.

Unconvinient for the ascent since it would be just pulling a rope up on a icy coloir.


mulidivarese - Aug 1, 2007 1:10 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: ropes and heliskiing

This is very bad, but I did not see any sign of the helisky. And I'm wondering where they can land.
Anyway I guess that the ropes make much safer the way down to the Silbersattle with some advantages:
1. safer to go down and reduce much a lot the traffic on the ridge: in this way the climbers arrive from the normal and descend by the coloir, a monodirectional flux 2. faster to reach silbesattle and then conjugate Dufour to Nordend. And this is very convinvient since you can climb the two great mountians toghether. In a very short time and then go back to Rothenboden.

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