Dutch Alpine Training

Dutch Alpine Training

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Dutch Alpine Training

In this album we, Melchior and David from The Netherlands, like to share our training "missions" for the Alps. This album will be filled up with pictures and stories from climbing, bivouac's etc. in Holland.

Holland is a very flat country, but we look for everything and every occasion thats possible for training and that come close to what we can face in the Alps.


We do this at "Monte Cervino" Bergschenhoek in Holland. Its a climbing facility for outdoor climbing and it's a copy of the Matterhorn(CH). With it's 36m height you can climb indoor and outdoor. We prefere to train outdoor in "alpine" conditions.


15/12/09 Climbing; Nighttraining with headlights.
19/12/09 Climbing; temp. -8 with Alpine gear.
27/12/09 Climbing; with Susanne, lead several routes in the rain.
02/01/10 Climbing; Melchior, Hans, Mike, Susanne, David.
06/01/10 Climbing; Nighttraining with bivouac; Melchior and David .
Susanne Night Lead

Bivouac training

(This week we will be having the bivac at the Monte Cervino; wednesday evening (06/01/2010) we will start climing and after that we will be camping in the wall.
To make this as realistic as possible we will be fully self supporting so we bring our own cooking gear, water, food and sleepingbags.)

At this moment the bivouac has take place in the night of 06 jan - 7 jan 2010. We start with nightclimbing in the snow. We take a brake at the plateau halfway for "kaissersmarren". We had planned the bivouac at the top of the climbinghall, but the conditions on the walls were to bad to get there. A lot of snow an very slippery. We take tha plateau for the bivouac and spent a cold night here. In the morning the conditions were better and we have reached the top. I was a very good experience.

Rescue Training.

02-01-2010 Two persons Rappel.

Join the training


If you are interested in joining one or more trainings feel free to contact us; you are more then welcome to team up!
We don't have a regulair schedule or program so we are flexible and open for ideas.


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