Ears Between, III, 5.7

This descent is not as straight forward as one might be led to believe in the published beta (2007). Descend the summit off the east ear just slightly north where you will find a rappel station (2007). Do a 30m free air rap off of this steep wall. You can down climb or use another rap a few meters southeast from the base of this steep wall section. Follow a non-descript trail, where cairns peter out, back to the Eastpost-Crescent Tower col. If I had it to do over again, I would stick to the ridge on descent. We got sucked down via cairns and rap tat, descending loose and chossy slopes until we finally just made our own rap over a moat and down to a snow/ice slope below. Then traversed back to the ridge at a low point, but still well above the col and crossed over and down climbed precarious ledges to the scree below and crossed between the tarns for our return to the hut.
Ears Between, III, 5.7, Crescent Towers, Bugaboo Provincial Park, British Columbia, August, 2007


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